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Shure survey: Who wants a straight cable for SRH840

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For starter... im just a customer but did contact the shure and the product manager did say he would be interested how many would actually have straight cable for SRH840 so I suggested a poll on this forum and he agreed to check the poll later on before he makes any other decisions.
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Personally prefer straight cables myself
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Straight, please!

I have been toying with the idea of recabling these myself w/ straight cable. At least having the option of straight would be very good.

These are great phones, esp. at their price point. I don't think you can beat the value.

Shure, thanks for taking the time and effort to look into this!

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I don't mind the coiled cable that much, but what I want fixed the most is the end plug; I feel that it's unnecessarily chunky, especially for a 1/8 plug and not a 1/4. It makes any portable use very cumbersome. If a new straight cable can address that issue then I'm all for it.
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Yes please, Straight! In the mean while I've done something interesting.....

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Straight cable please...
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For those DIY'ers out there, I took my 840s apart and found that the body of an 1/8" Neutrik does fit. So two things need to be done to mod them so you can use a Neutrik terminated IC: 1) drill out the plastic "shoulders" molded into the housing, 2) install an 1/8" jack inside the housing. A bit involved but not too difficult.
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I just recabled mine dual entry with some nice Mogami. Prior to that I did recable single entry and simply removed the jack inside and wired directly to the little circuit board. I didn't like the cables protruding from the headband, so I drilled a hole in the other cup; removed the little circuit board; and wired directly to the drivers.
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I'd also like a straight cable, preferably a short one. Maybe someone will bring a high quality one to market sometime. I haven't actually received my Shure's yet (they'll arrive tomorrow) but I'm sure straight would be better.
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I wouldn't mind a straight cable, but the coiled cable is totally acceptable for me right now.
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I would love to at least have the option of a straight cable..
Coiled cable isn't bad, but it's huge and while I'm using it on my desk, it still causes problems for me.
Then of course, it's pretty much unusable without looking dumb as a portable.

I tried to use these as earmuffs being amped out of my portable when going to shovel snow, but the cable just wouldn't fit anywhere.
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I'd like a straight cable - 4 to 6 feet long.
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Straight cable, thanks!
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