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The P3+ obv. has a better amp section than the D10. IDk bout the mustang. Think you'll be fine with either one.
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I have just been listening to the P3+ driving my MS1's- a very enjoyable and involving sound. Not being analytical about it, as for me it is the enjoyment i find listening to well driven music that is the my main interest these days. All i can say is, Teddy Pendergrass sounds supremely funky to the max through this combination. The MS1's are still great entry level 'phones and and P3+ does a marvellous job of making them sing.
But, i am also a big RSA fan, and would love to listen to the P-51 and the new Shadow. I still miss my Tomahawk, but the P3+ does it's job well enough to make it a pointless task in buying a new one (then again, when it comes to the Tom's incredible battery life i may just have to go and hunt a replacement down).
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Originally Posted by kb1gra View Post
I have a good DAC so don't really need the D10 unless its amp section is substantially better than that on the P3+.

The mustang is appealing since it's so heavily lauded but it is SO expensive.
Its 375 USD. I don't know what you paid for the Topaz, but mine cost more than that, and that was after the seller took a hundred off the RRP. We get reamed down here, but I seem to recall Skylab questioning the price of the Topaz in the review thread -it wasn't cheap, even in the US. My point is that you've paid for a good DAC in a great form factor - why not go the extra mile and get the amp you really want ? Its only money.
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