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Best double bass headphones

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Yes, i know, all i ever do is ask for headphones suggestions. Well, i just want to know what your guys's opinion. What are the best cans for double bass? I absolutely love Mike Portnoy's Double kick and same with other progressive, speed/thrash, and screamo bands, but mainly Dream Theater. I just want a cheap pair. i also dont want it too overpowering. It needs to be somewhat precise, i mean, cmon, its Dream Theater! its a sin to not listen to them with great sq. oh, and would v-moda vibes work well? cuz i hear a lot abou them and theyre really cheap

Thanks in advance.

And, just out of curiosity, whats your guys's fav DT albums? lol and dont just say, "Dream Theater sucks!" just answer the question
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what's your definition of "cheap" eh?
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it could be double triple quad eight twenty thirty bass drums or pedals and it wouldnt matter to a good headphone.

please buy something already.

and Dream Theater sucks.
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i dont know, maybe like up to 50 bucks. not much to work with.

o, and for the guy down there, whats your definition of good music?
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Yeah, that's not a lot to work with and you won't get stellar quality difference with phones of that price. Look around on the for sale section and see what pops up.
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Originally Posted by chinesekiwi View Post
Buy the Skullcandy at half price. Sell the Skullcandy new for a profit. Invest in better headphones. done.

You still got that 50% off coupon, right? -.-
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I like my Grados for DT. Try out the SR60 - you can get it pretty cheap from the For Sale section here.

Favorite album should be pretty obvious ^^.
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For fast and aggressive bass, Grado should really make your ears sing with joy. TIGHT, is what I look for when I hear double bass pedals at work, Grado SR60 and SR80 both satisfy your needs, without really hurting your wallet too much.
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you guys are wasting your time. we've been going back and forth with this guy for a while now. one minute he wants skull candy cause they "look sick" and then the next we show him the light and he wants Grado's, then the next he is back to Skull Candy cause he has a half off coupon or something, and then he is back to Grado's and now he wants something for less than fifty bucks.

and it's all to hear that sick double bass.

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jbarendt: You've only made 16 posts and you've started 5 threads. Stick to ONE thread and ask for suggestions there. For $50 you aren't going to go get anything special, and something that is likely stocked in a regular, crappy store like Best Buy. Try some headphones in one of those stores and see how you go.
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In this price range, all IMO, open cans seem to have better sound cross the whole spectrum, but not able to control the bass as much. Get some IEMs, a closed headphone or save up for some more. Don't be so worried about what you're getting. Any suggestion you'll get here will likely be valid. There's very little ignorance on this forum, so just trust the posters.
My reccommendation is just the standard PX100. I mean..not to insult you, but i would get your going back and fourth if you were buying elite headphones for 300 and up.. but really, the time you spent going back and fourth could be used for work.. or chores and give you more money for something handling your criteria better. The PX100 and koss porta pro are just about the only on ear cans you want in this price range. You don't even state any info whether u want it portable, open or closed. What weill you be using it with? I'd check out the Nuforce NE-6/7. And... just buy something of the suggestions u get. What's the point of asking if ur not gonna listen to the answer?
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I'd go with the grado sr60s.....

fav DT album: Awake
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Panasonic RP-HTX7, it's slightly on the boomy side, surprisingly with fast attack. It can be had for $40 or lower. And, it really is a retro beauty (many colors to choose from) - it turns head. No doubt, a beginner's good headphones.
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I'd also try the Grado Sr60i. They work well with the double kick in "Fast as a Shark" by Accept... arguably the first speed metal song ever written.
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Geez - either save your money until you have several hundred dollars to spend and are willing to listen to Head-Fi advice or just end it now and get those SkullCandies and move on - enough is enough with this useless thread.
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