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Originally Posted by zatara View Post
Not yet I am hoping to do a comparison as soon as my RX is burned in.
looking forward to it. what cans?

Originally Posted by hockeyb213 View Post
Jh-13's as stated in my rig. Honestly dude the hiss is not an issue at all and to be honest I would be very hard pressed to recommend the shadow considering I like the Rx more straight out of the box which is incredible and it is also a few bucks cheaper . Btw I own both if I didn't make that clear.
well, once you hit the $350 mark... what's another $50 give or take? also, the second batch of Rx is already sold out, and my upgradeitis is a potentially lethal strain, so i don't know if i can afford to wait.

i (and others i'm sure) would love to hear your thoughts on how the two compare. unless you've written about that already and i missed it, in which case... could you point me there?

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Nah I haven't written about it yet. But on my rig which is a 80 gig imod > picollino lod > alo vcap dock > picollino mini-mini > rx/shadow >picollino jh-13 cable> jh-13's I think the difference may be worth the wait. Honestly I think the best thing to do is buy both to get a feel and sell off the one you don't like as much. But I will be sure to do a write up. But as it stands right now the Rx is doing better in my rig which does help with the theory of "is the Rx quite possibly the perfect jh-13 amp" idea.
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I am using HD650's, Ultrasone HFI-650 , Westone 3 and ER4p's.
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The RX is very very good..but man the Lisa III stills reigns as the king of portable amps for me. The difference is quite evident but I only have 20 hours or so with the Rx but we'll see..
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I hadn't heard the Lisa 3, but if it's better than RX it's a great amp.
After more 100 hours with RX, sound get more smooth (less agressive) but with the dynamic, open sound stage and details than at firt listening sessions.
Try your rx after some burning hours and give us your opinion.
Thank you.
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The Lisa III is something truly special but is like 4 times the size of the RX so I guess is not a fair comparison. The RX is sounding better every time, I'm not burning it just using it all day long, so I expect it will take some time to put it some hours. Now my Tomahawk is gaining dust close to the trash bin
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Don't throw it away, ease it out of your life with a sale if you want. I hope my review of the ALO Rx will help some people with their decisions.
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Anyone tried Alo RX with SE530's or TF10's?
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Going to purchase my first portable amp and narrowed it down to the Rx, P51 Mustang or Pico.

Anyone have opinions on how this amp will pair with Grade SR80s and ATH-ESW9s?

Source is iPod 5.5

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New ALO Rx-1st Day Impressions (lengthy)

Well, I just got my ALO Rx today; I bought the bundle with the triple pipe LOD and the straps. I have an iPod Classic 160GB (latest model) and my music library is all Apple Lossless.

After unpacking the amp, I noticed the straps weren't in the box; I've emailed Ken to send them along. I plugged the charger in, and after a few minutes, the blue light went from solid to flashing. The instructions say that the light should go out when fully charged, but I think this one is solid while charging and flashes when fully charged.

This is the first time I've used any kind of LOD or external amp with my iPod. My two current sets of earphones are the TripleFI 10s, and a 5-year old pair of Future Sonics EM3s. (My ear impressions are in Florida now, though, and I'm expecting a new pair of JH13s in a week or so.)

I do a lot of winter walking in very cold weather, with a hat (toque) pulled down over my ears, so the Triple Fi 10s are not wearable. (I find them a little mid-bass boomy, anyway, with not much in the way of good mids or highs). I generally just plug the EM3s into the iPods HO, and then go. The EM3s aren't perfect, but they give me balanced sound and a perfect seal every time.

So this afternoon, I plugged in the LOD and the Rx, and the EM3s, and headed out. I just let the iPod shuffle, and briskly walked 3.5 miles in 12 degree temperatures. Turned it up just loud enough to not hear my boots crunching in the snow. I like the way the RX volume control works.

Listening with the amp is a huge difference. Much wider, more spacious soundstage. Bass is clean and deep, without the midbass mud. I listen to a lot of classic rock, from the days when imperfect vocals were covered with reverb and delay, rather than autotune. (Yes, ELP, King Crimson, Little Feat, etc.)

I'm 57 years old, and I'm sure my hearing has degraded with my age, but the Rx has given me a little extra boost of airy highs. I can't wait to go again tomorrow. (and next month, if the theories about burn-in improvements can be believed . . .)

I've ordered the iPod Classic HippoCase to house these components; today I kept the iPod in its rubbery Speck case, put the amp in the mini-burlap looking bag that came with it, rubber banded the two together, and stuffed them in a front pocket. Brisk walking didn't jar the power switch or the volume control on the Rx, and the LOD seems quite flexible and sturdy. Should be even more secure in a proper case.

My reasons for investing close to 2K in a portable rig are probably different than many on these forums. I have always appreciated well recorded music and great gear to reproduce it; but in addition, my walking regimen, which is fueled by music, has, in the last year, helped me to lose 40 pounds and 58 cholesterol points, as well as putting my blood pressure comfortably down into the normal range.

The JH13s will hopefully add another dimension to all this; I can't wait to see how they will work with my existing gear. An addictive hobby, to be sure, but so far with quite a few great results, in more ways than one.
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Hey Mike-
Welcome to HF, and congrats on the Rx purchase. It's a real powerhouse of an amp. I look forward to your further impressions once it's burned in more. I found the same characteristics with mine, but not to such a huge extent as you since I'm using the Sony X Walkman, which has a great built-in digital amp. But it definitely adds in the areas you mentioned... more taut bass, wider soundstage (this is the biggest difference), and more treble extension and sparkle. It's certainly worth it to me, despite what I'd quantify as around 15-20% in gains, since just about all my listening time is spent sitting at my desk during work hours where I can really focus on the sound improvements.

Kudos to portable audio assisting you in losing weight and lowering your cholesterol! I guess the phrase 'sorry about your wallet' doesn't apply to you, considering how medical costs can impact finances. Well, I guess the JH13's will hurt a bit anyway though. Please post about the synergy with them paired with the Rx.

Good listening.
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Does the Rx work with a charger other than the one supplied? I just have the wrong adapter.
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Anyone know if they RX is good with powering the Sennheiser HD 600 or 650?

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Originally Posted by tolkencatholic View Post

Anyone know if they RX is good with powering the Sennheiser HD 600 or 650?

I can't comment directly but I think it does an adequate job of driving my K702s. Of course they could sound better but from a T51LO to Rx to 702s I love the sound I'm getting. 


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Just to chime in, I love the ALO Rx. Best amp I've ever used. Very powerful, clean, and provides a neutral, powerful sound to my setup. 

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