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A great little DAC!!! devilsound labs DAC  

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(Click on the photo for the product page at TTVJ.)

Hi All,

TTVJ is proud to now carry and have in stock the devilsound labs DAC v2.1. The 2.1 is an amazing product and sounds warm and sweet. The new version comes cryo'ed and is a plug and play device. And small! It is very ideal for desk top use at work or in the home where quality and space are important.

Give us a call or order one up on our website and get your now. We have a 60 day money back guarantee and the devilsound DAC comes with a 1 year warranty.

AND you get a 10 ft USB extension cable so the DAC can be easily used in you system.

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I have the V2 of the Devilsound and think it's wonderful through my Luxman tube amp and Focal speakers and REL sub.

Highly recommended!
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I bought jwbrent's slightly older Devilsound DAC and it's absolutely awesome! I have it plugged into my Powermac G4, running to my Rotel amp and Paradigm speakers. It also sounds awesome through a Millet Hybrid amp and HF-2s!
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Hi Pat,

Glad you're still enjoying the Devilsound!

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I just picked up the new Devilsound DAC today, and I have not been able to stop playing it. Totally amazing sound quality. They should have put the thing in a big shiny silver box because I think most people will make the mistake of dismissing it as not a serious DAC, but that would be a huge mistake, it is so close in sound to a $3000 DAC I compared it to, amazing!
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I'm not a huge fan of the sound, but I am however a huge fan of the guys at devil sound, and their openness regarding the product design, ics and components used. If you're looking for an office, or budget NOS dac - i'd give at this guy a hard look.

devilsound labs - DAC - digital audio cable
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thisbenjamin, I would be interested in what you found disagreeable about your v2.1? I am currently auditioning one myself and while it's generally getting better as it breaks in a bit, I am finding that it loses control of the low end on some recordings. It's my first outboard DAC, and I have been comparing it to vinyl when I can find the same mix of the same song on CD and LP. I have even ordered another 16-bit adaptive USB DAC that's a bit more versatile to compare with, a Fubar I/O USB DAC/ADC w/Supplier PS, that I can use to digitize my vinyl, theoretically. I'm not opposed to keeping both, as the portability of the Devilsound makes it quite versatile in its own right. But as you said, I'm not so sure I'm such a "huge fan" of the sound so far either and was hoping you might care to expand on your experience with it since I'm relatively new at this. I like the overall soundstage, and the mid, high and mid-bass seem accurate and lively enough, but the bass does seem a little loose to me, and I've never been "bass shy".
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I would be more then happy to address your questions, and share my opinions. However, I think I've over-stayed my de-railing of this thread and unless Todd thinks discussing the performance of the devil sound is a good use of this thread, I would ask you either give me a PM or start a new thread.

Not trying to be a tool, I just don't want to screw with Todd's thread.
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Whoops, my apologies to Todd for "hijacking"; I'll create a thread
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What chipset do these use?
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Devilsound DAC v2.1 [devilsound DAC] - $399.00 : TTVJ, Todd The Vinyl Junkie
The devilsound DAC (one per channel) is a non-oversampling design based on Analog Devices' AD1851 operating in non-oversampled mode, the Burr-Brown PCM2706 USB receiver chip utilizing SpAct, and a single-stage op-amp output which integrates a current to voltage (I/V) converter with a gentle low-pass filter.
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thread created

Originally Posted by grokit View Post
Whoops, my apologies to Todd for "hijacking"; I'll create a thread
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I posted a review of the Devilsound vs. the Pico:
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Originally Posted by punkaroo View Post
I posted a review of the Devilsound vs. the Pico:
I enjoyed it, thanks !
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Hope this helps!
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