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Panasonic RP-HTX7, what a suprise

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I was at Target looking for a cheap boom box for my wife and I came across the clearance shelf. On top the heap of stuff was a white Panasonic RP-HTX7. This Panasonic RP-HTX7 РKopfh̦rer aus Japan ! I had always wanted to try one but it looked like one of those fad items. Retro looking and most likely made for the market of people who cared for style and not sound. Well it was 50% off which is $31 + change after tax. What the hell, if it sucks I can always give it to my wife for computer cans. I can finally take back my D1001s.

At first listen straight from my ipod classic, it sounded quite good. Mids were recessed, high end detail a little lacking and bass a bit bloated but fresh out of the box and from a ipod it sounded very promising. I attached my Xin Ref to the ipod to let it burn. About five hours later I listened again. Sight improvement overall but the bass still boomy.

I then opened it to check what kind of driver it uses. Looks like a cheap plastic driver that is glued to the baffle. The holes around the back of the drives were taped up except for three. I decided to tape up two more leaving one open to see what happens. That immediately cleaned the bloated bass which brought out the detail and opened up the mids some. I used it like that for another day to see if it changed any more. In the mean time, I so surprised by the sound quality for under $32 that I went back to Target and got a second pair to give to my wife. Not because I wanted the D1001 back but because I now think it sounds better and are more comfortable than the D1001.

Second day, I've put away the SA5000 and was hooked on these cheap cans. They are no match to the SA5000 for critical listening but are fun to listen to fit my head perfectly and are as noticeable as wearing a feather. The lightest full size can I've come across.

I am a big fan of cabling so what the heck. In goes the Mogami mini star quad. I left the single entry design because it looks good with these retro look headphones. The Mogami is covered with white 550 paracord and terminated with a chrome 1/8" Neutrik connector. The sound improvement was just right. High end detail without being sharp and piercing. Mids and vocals was very balanced. Most important, the bass is tight and deep.

I have other headphones that can do certain things better than the Panasonic RP-HTX7 but I can truthfully say that for under $32 and a couple of easy mods it is now my favorite headphone.
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If you don't mind me asking, how did you manage to open it up? I can't see any exposed screws or case seams, but I'm probably missing something. A pair of this "fell into my lap" so to speak, as a friend needed the cable replaced.

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Pull gently on the pads they'll come off then a few screws to take out and thats it.

Those cans cna be described in 2 words: cheap, fun.
I use them whenever i'm going out and have no clue what might happen to me (excessive drinking, club, playing soccer on Shanghai's most touristy street...).
What kind of tape did you use to block the holes? regular scocth tape?
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I used 3M Micropore medical tape but I have used masking tape, scotch tape and duct tape before. Basically anything that seals.
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Some pictures

Pad removed

Three holes behind stock driver.

Taped up two holes and that's it.

Before and after recabling with Mogami mini star quad, covered with white 550 paracord.
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Thanks for the review. Saw these at Target and was tempted, though the only color left was lime green. Still may get a pair, though.
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If somebody's interested in FR charts:

rp-htx7, definitely not something special.

K601 for comparison.

Btw, HeadRoom updated it's charts:

Ughh. What do the SA5k's specs say? Frequency range 8 - 100,000 Hz ... lol xD
I'd say 50 - 11,000 Hz @ -5 dB.

Sorry if I might pss off someone.
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After two more days of use for both headphones, I did another comparison. The re-cabled headphone is more balanced than the stock. Better high end detail with better control of sibilance. Mids more forward without being grating, smoother. Better control of bass, more body without the upper bass hump but with deeper bass extension.

I was going to give the stock cable to my wife but now the Mogami mini quad is going. I just put the larger Mogami quad cable in the second headphones. First listen, very close in sound signature as the mini quad cable but with more body and deep bass.

I just love these headphones. For $32 I rate them tonally more balance after the mod than my HFI-780, DT990, SR60(from memory), D1000 and Aurvana Live!. Best of all, more comfortable and lighter than all the others.
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Xnor, that graph is for the stock headphones.

I have moded a few headphones before and I have to say this is one headphone that sounds so much better with such a simple mod.
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I know, I know but I don't think a bit of tape can really fix driver's flaws.

Have you tried running a sine sweep through 'em? Should reveal all those dips and peaks more easily than listening to some music without a/bing.
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I know, that is why it's such a surprise. I have tried this trick on other headphones with bloated bass and it doesn't always work. It may control the bass a little but it will sometimes make a mess of the high frequencies making them too harsh or bright.

In my first ten or so years in audio I use to rely on frequency response and graphs for everything, amps, speakers, players and headphones. It's usually one of the first things I look at when reading audio magazines. After a few runs to listening rooms I realized that all the specs don't mater as much as what you hear with your own ears. The proof is in yourself, not the specs or the reviewer. Some equipment just synergize with a persons taste better than others. I think that's the main thing. Take the SA5000 for instance, not including the HD800, PS1000 and Edition 8, I don't think I've heard a dynamic with better extended or faster highs. Mines are re-cabled though.
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I've just ordered the RP-HTX7 and after looking at it's innards it's perfect for a little experiment I need to try out, basically all the things I need to do to it are already there.
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whoa, I wish I would've saw this before.

These aren't still on sale at Target, are they?
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Afraid not but most online retailers are letting them go for around $30.
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B&H do them for a lot less, if you're in the US you won't have to pay much extra for shipping. Being in the UK drove the prices up too much.
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