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FS: 160GB iPod (2008 Version)

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I have an excellent condition Black iPod Classic which has always been kept in a case. I bought this right before they phased out the last version of the 160GB (NOTE: this is not the newest version of the Classic).

Cosmetic, Functionality and Battery are all 100%. This was barely used, as all I have really used for the past year is an iPhone.

I will get pics up shortly. I will also include 2 cases (one of which is pictured below). One of which I just got and is pretty heavy duty. There is also an invisible shield installed on the screen.

This is for the iPod, 2 cases, and sync cable only. NO IPOD HPs.


FS: $140.00
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PM sent
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Bump - still available. US only, thanks.
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i'm intrested but i live in france...
PM if you change your mind
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Sorry, I am tied into USPS pickup at my door due to my living situation (US Military Post) and do not have time to make a long trip to do the custom forms.

Pics added.
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