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Guys today I travelled 100kms to get a chance to listen to these Hippo VB IEMs, and what a waste of time it was. I have not used IEMs for quite a while, last I had an AKG K324P, but these sound very thin, highs have a small amount of sibilance, soundstage is not that good, bass is like of the AKGs at least with the middle tips. All in all if these really have score of 8.25 in the list of 81 reviewed IEMs, then I will completely lose faith in IEMs.

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Is that what that crackling noise is?! I just got my vbs last week, and I must say I absolutely hate them. The build quality is quite terrible too, but my god... The sound, the sound is just terrible.

Micro phonics is a huge problem with these guys as well, but I never knew what that crackling noise was until now, like you said... When you move the iem around your ear canal.
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