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The Carolina CanFEST 8/14/10

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CanFEST Hilton Crown Ballroom.htmOne of the two rooms for CanFest II


DATE: August 14th 9AM-4PM.

Hilton at CharlotteExecutivePark
5624 Westpark Dr.
Charlotte, NC28217

Charlotte Hotels - Hilton Charlotte Executive Park Hotel, NC - North Carolina

Rooms are only $89/night. Just mention CanFEST.

We have a totally different room which is about triple the space as compared to last year. In addition we also have a second room for the DIY crowd or anyone who prefers to spend some time in a more quiet and intimate setting: the best of both worlds. So bring your stuff and set up wherever you prefer. There is no charge for table space or admission. It's FREE for all who attend.

In the meantime, please continue to list below those who plan to attend and what equipment you will be bringing and I'll keep an organized list updated. We also have several manufacturers and dealers already committed to attend to help make the event more interesting and fun.


For visitors there is a lot to enjoy in the Charlotte area:

NASCAR Hall of Fame:
And a whole bunch more:


Raffle Items-Updates ongoing

One need not be present to win. All drawings should be over by 1PM.

$1500 CARY XCiter DAC donated by CARY Audio

$249 Phaiton PS 200 IEM donated by Phaiton

$300 Etymotic Research, Inc  ER4P Earphones

$500 Whiplash WhipMOD 120gb modified 5.5 gen iPod

$150 Whiplash HRT Streamer USB DAC

Yulong Audio DAH1 Mark II Headphone Amp/Dac by Moon Audio

Mapleshade CDs, Microsmooth, Silclear by Mapleshade

Woo Audio Several Headphone Stands by

$120 Belleson Superpower Voltage Regulators donated by Belleson

$300 Turntable or system tune up by Jam-world class engineer (must be local)

$99.95 Wireworld Starlight USB cable donated by Wireworld and    Liquid Hi-Fi

Reference Recording (RR) CDs and T-Shirts donated by RR and

Liquid Hi-Fi

1m MIT AVT2 rca cable 1 pair - from MIT and Liquid HiFi
Liquid HiFi coupons and gift certificates

MOBILE FIDELITY Folk Singer Muddy Waters-LP or CD both sealed.

MOBILE FIDELITY AJA-LP open but in great condition


MOBILE FIDELITY Jethro Tull A Passion Play Sealed CD

MOBILE FIDELITY Ben Sidran Mr. P's Shuffle Sealed CD


More to come


Raffle Open to All: Due to several requests the raffle is now open for anyone to purchase tickets even if you are unable to attend. You can pay via PayPal account:   


Please add 3% . Also, if you win one of the "big/heavy" prizes there may be a shipping charge but I'll let you know ahead of time. The charge will only be our actual cost for shipping.


Raffle ticket purchase options:


 1  Ticket  for  $5

 5  Tickets for $20   20% saving

11 Tickets for $40   27% saving

18 Tickets for $60   33% saving

33 Tickets for $100 40%  Saving


More items will soon be added from Sennheiser, MIT, and others (as they have been promised and I'm awaiting delivery). Additional items will likely be added at the Event as some exhibitors bring them "last minute".


PM me before you make the PayPal payment. I will then send you the numbers on your tickets so you will have them in advance. Good luck.



Listing of Exhibitors

Moon Audio---Drew Baird

Ray Samuels Audio---Ray Samuels

Cary Audio---Billy Wright


Woo Audio---Jack

Liquid HiFi---Ron Buffington

Whiplish Audio-Craig

Belleson Superpower Voltage Regulators-Brian



Equipment List:


From Moon Audio

HiFiMan HE5 Headphones with detachable Moon Audio Silver Dragon replacement cables
Sennheiser HD800 Headphones with detachable Moon Audio Silver & Blue Dragon replacement cables
Beyerdynamic T1 Tesla Headphones with Hardwired Moon Audio Black Dragon Headphone cable
Beyer DT880 Dragon Series V1 with Detachable cable mod and Moon Audio Silver, Black & Blue Dragon replacement cables
Beyer DT770 Dragon Series V1 with Hardwired Moon Audio Black Dragon Headphone cable
KG K702 with Detachable cable mod and Moon Audio Silver, Black & Blue Dragon replacement cables
Ultrasone 2400 Stock Version
Grado GS1000 Headphones with Hardwired Moon Audio Black Dragon Headphone cable
Grado GR8 IEMs
Denon AH-D7000 Headphones
Denon AH-C751


From Ray Samuels Audio

Sony R-10


Jade by HE Audio


From Head-Direct


HE-5LE headphones

RE-262 and RE242 IEMs


From Woo Audio:




Stax SR007-MK2

Stax SR404-LE

Beyerdynamic Telsa T1

Beyerdynamic T50P portable

Grado PS1000

Grado GS1000

Sennheiser HD800

AKG K701/2


From Liquid HiFi

AKG-702 headphones

From Whiplish Audio:

HD800 with Elite TWag Balanced XLRs 
> HD650 with Elite TWag and TWspc
> PS1000 with the new Sapphire Pro
> Edition 8 with the Elite TWag balanced
> HE-5

Other Equipment:

From Woo Audio:

WEE – Electrostatic Energizer, new product, pre-production unit.





WES – Electrostatic amp for Stax and Orpheus.

WA5 – 300B speaker/headphone amp

WA22 – fully balanced headphone amp

WA6-SE – output transformer coupled headphone amp

Original A9II2 top loading CD player with tube and solid state output.

Original Amadeus top loading CD player, separate power supply, selectable master-clock and digital filter.



From Ray Samuels's Audio

 A surprise portable amp to be shown for the first time.

The Protector Portable Amp

The Shadow Portable Amp

The A-10 Electrostat Amp

The G08 MeridianCD player


From Moon Audio:

Cary Audio CAD300SEI Signature Edition Headphone Amplifier with gobs of upgraded parts. Like Cardas Golden Coupling Caps, Moon Audio Black Dragon wiring, Direct Coupled, DACT attenuator, Cardas RCA & Binding posts, Black Diamond Racing cones & More..Cary Audio Xciter Amp with Cardas Golden Coupling Caps,  Audio One Snubber Caps with Genelex KT77 and the new Genelex 12AX7 tubes


Cary Audio Xciter Dac
Cary Audio Xciter MS-1 Music Server
Cary Audio 303T SACD Pro CD Player with USB and other digital inputs
Grace 901 Headphone Amplifier Dac
Blossom Blo-0299 Balanced Headphone Amp
Burson Audio HA160 Headphone Amp
Burson Audio AB160 Audio Buffer Stage
iQube V1and V2 portable Headphone Amplifier
Music Hall PH25.2 Headphone Amp
Music Hall DAC25.2 USB DAC
High Resolution Technologies The Music Streamer II & The Music Streamer Pro USB DACs
Creek Audio Evolution 2 CD Player

Moon Audio Silver, Black & Blue Dragon Detachable cable mod replacement cables, Single Ended and Balanced and Ray Samuel's Protector Connection
Moon Audio Silver & Blue Dragon HD800 cables, Single Ended and Balanced
Moon Audio Silver, Black & Blue Dragon HD650 cables, Single Ended and Balanced and Ray Samuel's Protector Connection
Moon Audio Blue Dragon V3 Audeze lcd-2 cable with Furutech 1/4" Plug
Moon Audio Silver Dragon HiFiMan HE5 cables, Single Ended and Balanced
Moon Audio Silver Dragon LODs
Moon Audio Bliue Dragon LODs
Moon Audio Silver Dragon Mini cables assorted connections
Moon Audio Blue Dragon Mini cables assorted connections
Moon Audio Black Dragon Interconnects
Moon Audio Black Dragon Digital Cables
Moon Audio Black Dragon Power Cables

Cardas Neutral Reference Interconnects
Cardas Neutral Reference Digital Cable
Cardas Crosslink Interconnects
Cardas Twinlink Power Cables

PS Audio Quintet Power Strips


From Head-Direct

HM-801 player

HM-602 player

MF5 headphone amplifier

Minibox-ES Portable Headphone Amp. 


Liquid HiFi

PS Audio Perfect Wave DAC and TRANSPORT
MIT, Wireworld, Liquid HiFi and Furutech power cables
MIT and Wireworld interconnect and digital cables
Wireworld speaker cables
Stillpoints cones
Black Diamond Racing Cones & Isolation products
TEAC reference cd player/receiver
Parasound Zamp
Reference Recordings CDs

MIT cables
PS Audio AV5000 power conditioner
Vincent KHV-1 headphone amplifier
From Whiplash Audio
                                                                 The new Elite TWag WhipLOD with black gate caps
 Elite TWag IEM replacement cables; Balanced XLR, Mini, Protector  
 Elite TWag LOD 
 Elite TWag Micro 
 Elite TWag Oyaide mini - mini 
 Elite TWag HD800 XLR balanced 
 Elite TWag HD650 XLR balanced 
 The new 120gb 5.5gen WhipMOD 
 The new Elite TWag WhipLOD with black gate caps 
 The new Elite Reference TWag WhipLOD with black gate caps 
 Locus Design Cynosure 
 **TWag iPod Stand** 
 Many more cables...... 
 RSA Apache 
 Headroom BUDA 
 Antelope 64 bit DAC  Meridian G08.2 24 bit CD player 
 Lots more.......... 

Attendee list of other equipment:



Singlepower Maestro ZR with separate power supply


Grado HPA-2

Buffalo 24 DAC

Millett goodies


DIY minimax

Pacific Valve Vanguard CDM-12


Woo 2 and a few other things, plus a bunch of great music.

Yamaha S-1800 DVD/SACD

WooAudio 6 w Sophia Princess 274B
DAC Diyeden Great-March II
Power cable: PS Audio Prelude

Red Wine Audio Isabellina HPA (headphone amp w/ NOS DAC)

Macbook with a ton of music running the HPA via USB


MORE TO FOLLOW-Keep checking back.



Those planning to attend so far:

Several local people not on Head-Fi plus:


Two Hooter Ladies to assist with the event.

Joseph Grado (Joe will have a table to demonstrate sound reproduction at its best)

Pierre Sprey (Mapleshade President)

Tyll Hertsens

Bob Joneswoodcans
Jeff E
Dustin The Wind


















Scott N



Ken W.


Son of Downsize


Friend of ThermL

Rocky Mount 1

Rocky Mount 2



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Originally Posted by DannyB View Post
I am inquiring as to who may be interested (Head-fiers, manufacturers, dealers, etc.) in attending a CanFEST II sometime in the first quarter of 2010. This would be a little different from the first one in that the space would, at least, be tripled, and we would have two distinct physically separate sections; one would be more of a trade show format with dealers, manufacturers, etc. and the other a more intimate and quite room/rooms for a headphone meet atmosphere where participants can bring their gear and have a dedicated quiet listening area, physically separate from the main room. This would hopefully accommodate everyone in a more efficient and enjoyable way. Your input would be appreciated.
I might try and make it out there from TN.
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Count me in!
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Me too
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Hmmm, it doesn't appear that there is much interest in this with only four replys. I'll give it a little longer and see if any additional interest surfaces or just let it die a natural death. Thanks to those who have responded.
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Just saw the post Danny, sign me up.
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I'm in.
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It's a long hour drive for me, but I will definitely try my best to make it. Sign me as well.
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I'm interested.
If the date is set soon, I'll make sure I keep it free.
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Just saw the thread. I'm interested. Kent
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IN,I really enjoyed the first one.
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As long as I don't have to work, I'll be there.
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Interest Bump
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had no idea so many NCers on here had such nice gear
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