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Gifted listener isn't interested (just chatted with them), but if we can reserve space at the new library that would be awesome

edit - I also left a voicemail for the Gaithersburg Residence Inn. It's not too far for me (just hop right on the beltway), I'm happy to make the trek out there - other VA folks cool with it too if the library falls through?
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Starting Monday, I'll look on the web site every day. They did take my name and number.
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So I just visited the Myer-Emco that's interested in hosting us, and I think we should give it some serious though and wanted to hear what you guys thought.

The manager of the Myer-Emco in Clarendon is really excited about the idea of hosting us - they've got a decent amount of space and are happy to accommodate with tables, chairs and power strips - he even wants to bring in refreshments for the event. I think it could be a cool opportunity to not just meet each other but also get a little exposure to a broader consumer audience.

They even have some decent kit there - I noticed and commented on a setup he had running through a Peachtree Nova. He seems a little bit like one of us hifi nerds at heart who would love to meet some of us and demo some cool gear in his store - he had the idea of contacting Sennheiser and seeing if they'd be interested in sending him some gear for the event (which may be unnecessary depending on what Head-Fiers bring, but is nice gesture nonetheless).

Let me know what you guys think. I know it's a little unorthodox and I'm happy to do it in a library or wherever if folks aren't up for it, I just thought it was an interesting option for us.
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I think Myer Emco would be pretty cool. It's also close to a Metro stop for those not bringing a tun of equipment. The library in my neighborhood is about 1 mile from Metro.
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Yeah it is close, ~4 blocks to the Metro. They also have a parking lot that isn't too expensive (and may be even cheaper with validation, I'm not sure). Anyone else want to chime in on the Myer-Emco idea? Would love to know especially if anybody thinks it's a terrible idea...
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Myer-Emco idea sounds great, as long as there is enough room. I know that they are looking at it from a marketing standpoint, but that is o.k. with me.
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Just got a call from Residence Inn - they're booked up for that day. Okay, I'm going to wait until tomorrow to see if anyone else has thoughts, and if nobody objects I think I'll work with the Myer-Emco manager to see if we can nail everything down for doing it there.
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Originally Posted by drewfus420 View Post
I am in NoVa, (Centreville) and am definitely interested in making this meet.
Have you heard of The Gifted Listener? It is a great local HiFi shop, that might be into hosting us. Shame I didn't see this thread sooner as I just returned from there, picking up Grado GS1000 cups for my MS1000i's.
LMK if you want me to talk to the owner...
hmm i might have to check this place out after work or this weekend muhaha.
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Originally Posted by Byrnie View Post
hmm i might have to check this place out after work or this weekend muhaha.
its worth the trip, its a small shop, but his stock is comprehensive and the owner is nice as can be. He has good stock of the Grado line as far as cans go, but his non-head fi items are his bread and butter. Good prices too.
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The myer emco idea sounds awesome. It would be really neat if Sennheiser sent in some reps or stuff to listen to. I'm down for the Library too so if I had to rate them i would say Myer Emco over the library only because they're more readily available given the library isn't set up for the meeting room reservations yet.
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For those interested in Grados, there's a store in Falls Church that sells them too. It's called Sound Images. It's really a home theater store that sells some audio stuff too. It's on Rt. 50 at Cherry Rd., about 1 mile west of 7 Corners.

There's also Deja Vu Audio in McLean. They sell Grado and Stax, plus a lot of other high end equipment.
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i wish there was a dedicated head-fi store in the area but then again it would probably be hard to make money with that. I really want to just try out a pair of AKG701/702s but I guess i can wait 'til our meet .
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Even though Deja Vu only sells a little Head-Fi related equipment, it's still an interesting store to visit. Here's a picture of their lobby

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Hey nice find! I need to visit there soon.

The gifted listener is nice too. Myer -Emco is a little thin on inventory for the hi end listener, but would be a nice places for a meet..
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Okay, it looks like December 5, Myer-Emco it is, woo! If you guys post or PM the gear you're bringing, I'll update the first post in the thread.
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