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I need a push

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It's 10:15 PM in Hong Kong and I'm debating calling Headroom in an hour to order a Reference Cosmic, Traveler Bag, and a second pair of ER4S.
In 2 weeks, I'm taking a 15 1/2 flight from Hong Kong to New York and I need the tunes.
Somebody push me please!
Thanks and have a great weekend everyone.
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Get a move on then
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*pushes Twin*

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Oh man, get em quick. I bought the ER-4S a little before I was going on a flight. Well guess what, they arrived after I my flight! Doh!

One.. two.. three.. PUSH!
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When I had my Ety's on my flight(s) from Seattle, to Phoenix, to St. Louis, and finally back to Detroit -- they saved me. Saved me from ambient plane noise, from the loud man talking some scam-artist pitch to some innocent passengers for almost two hours straight, from the baby crying five rows in front of us.. just made my trip fantastic. I closed my eyes, and bada-bing, I was no longer on some long plane ride. Just keep your eyes open for the airline attendant so you don't lose your dinner and beverage.
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I chickened out Friday, but I bought the Reference Cosmic, ER4S, and Traveler Bag today.

It'll be in Asia by Friday.

For the first time ever, I'm looking forward to a 15 1/2 hour flight!

I hope everyone has as great a Christmas as I will!
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