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Realtek ALC888 Onboard Bit Perfect Pass Through?

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Does anyone know if using the onboard Realtek ALC888 chipset will pass through without resampling using KS or ASIO?
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yes it would.
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Many Thanks.
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Originally Posted by gurubhai View Post
yes it would.

It's data sheet does not say anything about resampling, or presence of 22Mhz clock, but it does say 12Mhz internal clock, and default sample rate is 48K. This sounds to me is that it internally resemples everything to 48K, then from there, resample it back to 44.1K or 98K when that is needed. IThrer could be some confusions regarding resample issue though, Realtek's half assed datasheets doesn't memtion a thing about it. so, I need someone's help to clear this confusions out.

So can you show me an article that confirms your above statememt?
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Its well known that realtek alc88x series chips don't resample. Check Hydrogenaudio forums.
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Thanks for directing me hydrogenaudio forum.

After some reading at the site and datasheet, I come to my conclusion.
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If you have a DD or DTS receiver then you can try a 44.1khz DD or DTS sample (google for it). If it decodes correctly then you know it is not resampling.

I tried it on my onboard Realtek ALC889A and works.
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I had to use the drivers from the Realtek site to make it work. The drivers from Gigabytes site were stuck at 48khz. Should have seen me laying on the floor inside the case with a flashlight and a magnifying glass trying to get the exact chipset number. Tiny little mofo's.
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the S/PDIF jitter is prolly up the roof anyway..
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If it is I can't hear it. The Asus D2 I was using resamples even on spdif anyway doesn't it?
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you can't really hear jitter, you have to try something better(like that italian usb pen for instance) and then do A/B, and you'll be shocked

the Asus have by far the worst audio drivers I've seen indeed...C-Media crapola at its best, it doesn't get any worse than that
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I've always had trouble with cmedia cards and ASIO. The Asus was definitely the best soundcard I've heard but it doesn't stand up to this Gamma2.

For clarification (because I remember you complaining to the Asus guys in their forums)...the D2 resamples even on passthrough correct?
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well, noone's run tests w/ a DTS-CD or HDCD...but if the sample rate in the drivers doesn't match the file you're playing(whatever ASIO or KS), it will be resampled yes!

I believe all the Asus cards carry a rebadged CMI8788 chip(true for the Essence serie anyway)...and run C-Media drivers(easy to check in the device manager). they simply added a retarded GUI on top(w/ 3 resident apps, just to slow down your system )
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@Codetoad, what are you trying to do exactly?
I own the XM 7.1 8788 based card from Auzentech and it never had issues with ASIO.
In fact I have used the card for input from a electric guitar for guitar rig so the latency was quite low.
What are you trying to do with KS and/or ASIO?
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it's a kind of magic...magic!
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