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Hi, this is one of two units of my personal boxed iMod/Modded iPod LOD.

It is made of 2X WIMA MKP 4.7uF and bypassed by two premium Mundorf M-Cap Silver/Oil 0.022uF. Reference grade SPC wires were used to connect the caps to the female jacks. Those jacks are from Japan. Housed in a 3.3"(L) X 2"(W) X 1.2"(H) ABS box.

Only the boxed unit is on sale for now. To use this unit you must already have a Mini-Mini IC and a standard iPod LOD. If you require them with the box I have a pair available at additional cost. Will work with all iMod and modded iPods.


Asking Price: USD$45.00 (price include WWW shipping)

Please PM me to deal.