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Originally Posted by haloxt View Post
It is possible that audio equipment with huge power draw may be more susceptible to rfi/emi in the power line than an mp3 player which is the least power demanding. Also an mp3 player just may not be resolving enough that power problems are possible to hear. One piece of equipment I found to be quite sensitive to power is the audio-gd compass which relative to other audio-gd gear doesn't have a fraction of the power filtering circuitry usually put in their gear. If someone has tested something bigger than an mp3 player with a power filter designed for audio I'd say that's a good test.
point grudgingly conceded
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Originally Posted by Jacques View Post
Lets see some dedication. I am a morning person and my setup sounds very good also at 05:00 Sunday mornings. This is not a joke, I do it every week. Any experienced that too?
I am with you on this one.
Ok, perhaps not 5am Sunday morning, but 7am Saturday morning. When I have a fresh mind and ears after sleeping 6-7 hours and when it is still pitch black and quiet around.
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Sunday morning should the most quiet morning for ambient noises as well as EFI/RF but it should work other mornings too. Assuming you did not get your ears blasted by loud music the night before, your hearing should be recovered from the previous day noises.

I do not want by any mean to dismiss that late evening or night does not sound better than the mid day. I have stayed up late spinning vinyl and CD records more often than I will care to admit. But my best experiences were the early Sunday morning. Give it a shot.
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Three things
1] power draw on grid
2] lower light level as why the blind hear so well
3] goes back to caveman days and is genetic as a result of using dead animal skins as drums to put cave lady in good mood
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I've always listened to music before falling to sleep, and I agree it's always sounded better. But one day I remember waking really early 7am on a Sunday. Well it was early for me, i usually wake up at 10 or 11. Anyways I put on Year Zero by Nine Inch Nails and I remember listening to the whole album and feeling so relaxed and satisfied.One of the best times I've had listening to music, I think it was so enjoyable because it was super quiet and I was feeling very relaxed and a little sleepy.

If you haven't listened to music early in the morning, try it.
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If you guys are having trouble with the ipod (battery) vs main rig (wall power) comparisons you could have people like krmathis who have battery powered components (mac + amp) give it a go on both wall and battery power (assuming the redwine stuff can even work straight off the wall). This has the advantage of being identical hardware.

I for one am with Uncle on the power thing. I am quite a bit different than most people in this thread though as far as when I perceive the best sound. It does happen to be late at night, but only when I am struggling to stay awake. I have extreme '1 more song'-itis when my eyes hurt and I'm seconds from losing consciousness. During the day and earlier night I enjoy listening, but it's not at quite the same level.
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I have a Conrad Jonson PV2 valve pre amp.

Occasionally it makes funny squeeking noises out of one speaker, and it only does this at night. This is not a psychological effect, it definitely happens. I know this sounds really dumb, but my wife also comments on it, so it must be true!

Does anyone else have experience of their equipment behaving differently at night?

I know this isn't better hearing at night, but if night somehow has an effect some equipment, this could be in a positive way.
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Originally Posted by creativesoymilk View Post
There is actually chance of it being entirely psychological though. All that philsophy+physics type of a thing. Just sayin'. :P
I've had a similar experience, though I've never associated it with a certain time of day. Sometimes, I'll put my Grados on and they'll sound disappointingly grating. Sometimes, I'll put them on and it's pure musical ambrosia. I don't think it's the phones. I think it's me, but why is anybody's guess.
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