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I came across these pics while I researching my cmoy purchase, and they played a large part in my decision to buy a JDS cmoybb.

JDS internals...

BSG internals...

One definitely looks much cleaner and more professional than the other.
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They make my amp look like poo.

I adore the cmoyBB and I'm considering making myself. Which kinda leads me to this question: How much different are the OPA2227 and NE5532 Op-amps? They both look very similar.
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the CMOYBB is a beautifully made amp. i love it. it powers my ath-a700s on equal ground with my soundblaster xfi titanium.

only thing that could use improvement would be the holes drilled one the side that doesnt have the knob and hookups on it. im not even sure what that little hole is for, but you can see the edges of the metal around it.

the side of the bsg looks much cleaner, but the cmoybb is a much better looking amp overall.
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I'm not sure which is "best" because I haven't heard all of them? Shouldn't that be a poll option?
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Are the cMoys really that good? I am not that technical, but they look like even I can put them together.

I am asking for I consider buying a Beyerdynamic DT250-80 or Pioneer Monitor 10.
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I have the caffine ultra ands its superb with my cowon d2 and amazing with my new sflo 2 with line out
heres the review of the caffine vs Seaber CMoy
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That review is out of date and no longer relevant. Robert has modified his Caffeine amp more than once since 2007, and it's compared against a v1.48 bass boost cMoy (also long gone).
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