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Dave Brubeck Quartet


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Oh man, this is easy! Deftones all day!

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**** yeahhh!! DOGTOWNNNN
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In no particular order


- Metallica

- Rush

- Coheed and Cambria

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Pearl Jam

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Got five:


In no particular order:


Pink Floyd

Led Zeppelin

The Beatles


The Rolling Stones

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My favorite band of all time is Sublime. The lead guitarist and singer had a unique voice that I haven't heard from any other reggae/rock bands. Sublime also shaped the reggae/rock/ska scene and are revolutionary in the music scene. Their song writing mixed with their influential style was ingenious. My favorite solo artist, is Aesop Rock whom is an underground indie hip hop rapper. His interpretative songs are written with heavy use on metaphors, allegory, folk, story and it just sounds so sweet the way he raps.
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Not in any particular order:

Santana, Steely Dan, Beatles, Eagles, Chicago (early), CSN&Y, Genesis, Traffic, Led Zep, Pink Floyd
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Led Zeppelin


Stevie Ray Vaughan 


Joe Bonamassa


I listen to a ton of different types of music, but those are the big three for me.

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The Misfits



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hard to pick one so I'll do a list, though it varies from day to day, depends on how I feel...


BANDS                                                GENRE


1.August Burns Red --------------------------- (Metalcore, the best in breed)

2.Bewteen The Buried And Me--------------(prog metal? just BTBAM)

3.Protest The Hero-------------------------------(Prog metal)            

4.Periphery------------------------------------------(prog metal/djent/etc)

5.Animals As Leaders---------------------------(prog metal/jazz fusion/max virtuosity)

6.Opeth------------------------------------------------(prog metal/ black metal/prog rock)

7.Deftones--------------------------------------------(alternative metal,experimental)

8.Enter Shikari--------------------------------------(post hardcore,electronic)

9.Veil of Maya--------------------------------------(Technical Death Metal)

10.The Fall Of Troy-------------------------------(post hardcore, progressive,mathcore)


that's roughly my top ten, again, it varies... bands that will always have a place in my heart are RHCP, Green Day and Iron Maiden, they are just how I got into musicdt880smile.png

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In no particular order


Pink Floyd

Iron Maiden With Di Anno and Dickinson

Black Sabbath With Ozzy

Led Zeppelin

Dire Straits

Guns N' Roses

Deep Purple Mk II

Steve Ray Vaughan & Double Trouble

The Jimi Hendrix Experience

Jimi Hendrix

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Based on my avatar, the one band that I will readily claim as my favorite is Tool and also Maynard's other project A Perfect Circle.  However, I do really enjoy a lot of other bands, more recently Oceansize, Amplifier or bands I grew up with like Smashing Pumpkins, Nirvana, and Alice in Chains. 

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Though my favorite rock band ever is Pink Floyd I must take a bow in front of Rolling Stones.


Have you heard to the latest song titled "Doom and Gloom"?


These guys have being producing great hits for decades, while Pink Floyd had not been so constant.

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