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Originally Posted by krmathis View Post
Oh, thats a tough one. But after some thinking I have to say Pink Floyd.
Genesis, Toto and Simple Minds is up there as well..
Simple Minds? Really? I mentioned them in another thread recently because I really love their early albums pre-"Don't you forget about me".

Anyways for a long time The Police were my favorite band of all time. I bought their Message in a Box boxset, not once, but twice because someone stole my original set. I just love Sting's vocals. I love the energy of the music. Like just about all of the Beatles catalog, just about every Police song shines..., by this I mean that there's not a song I can think of that I'd skip past to get to the next. Their early stuff is a bit more raw and punk rock sounding... sort of reminiscent of early Clash, and lyrically they're just whacked... really dark and funny stuff.

BUT..... I think I'm moving away from The Police as my favorite band anymore, and now I think The Sisters of Mercy are my favorite. Have been for awhile now actually. They've only ever had 3 real albums and a couple compilations that included some early stuff, and everyone loves to hate Andrew Eldritch, the front man and pretty much sole member of the band anymore, but their music has like a drug like effect on me. I love it and can play their albums repeatedly.
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Originally Posted by Mystere9 View Post
Detholz!(Formerly known as 'The Detholz!'). Probably nobody here has heard of them as they're a local Chicago band. Wikipedia has them listed as an alternative rock or New Wave band, with Devo as an influence.
A. Their music is just the right mixture of rock and electronica for me.
B. The singer, Jim Cooper, shows incredible versatility in his singing.
C. The lyrics are more unique than any other band I've heard, ranging from artificial intelligence to historical figures.
D. They release a lot of their music for free, the vast majority of which is brilliant.
E. Their songs are just 'non-melodic' and complex enough for me to never get sick of them.
Sounds right up my alley. I'm gonna have to check em out.
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For me, The Flower Kings have been my favorite band for the past 5 years since discovering them.
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Dire Straits for me. Great variety of songs, something for every mood
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For 20+ years it was Rush but within the past 2 years Porcupine Tree has ascended to numero uno. Gonna have to look up that Detholz! The description sounds interesting and I really like DEVO.
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Originally Posted by roadcykler View Post
For 20+ years it was Rush but within the past 2 years Porcupine Tree has ascended to numero uno.
that sounds like me, except I first heard PT 6 years ago
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Kinks and Beatles.

Joined number ones for me.

The Kinks produced some great records. "The Kinks Are the Village Green Preservation Society" is my all time favourite album. who can forget Muswell Hillbillies?- especially me as my house is in Muswell Hill!

Nothing more to add to the Beatles. They are just great.
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Depeche Mode.

Although I like soundtracks better now.
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This would appear to be a very generational question, as in the bands that forged one's youth. That's a guess, since speaking for myself, I don't really get attached to acts much anymore. When one asks "favorite band", I think of posters and concert stubs, and t-shirts. You know, all that jazz..

With the above in mind, Nine Inch Nails is the easy pick for me. I have displayed framed Spin and Rolling Stone covers back in the day. All those old tour shirts are thread bare, etc. etc.

Filter out the sentimentality, and PJ Harvey would probably be the choice. I've always loved the power and danger in her voice soaring above the dirty musical worlds. She speaks to me for some reason and brings out all the emotions. Long Snake Moan would probably be my all time favorite song.
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Tough question. I really like early Genesis, but I think the longest running favourite band I've had is Queen. They weren't as original as The Beatles or as influential as Led Zeppelin, but when you stack up their overall body of work (especially from their debut album to, say, Jazz) I'd still have to say that they edge it for the production of extraordinarily strong material.

People who know them mainly through their singles really haven't got a clue how consistent the early albums are. Queen is one of the few bands where you could easily put together a compilation of album tracks which would be clearly better than their greatest hits album(s).

Like The Beatles, they benefitted from having several strong songwriters (May was as good as Mercury, and the other two also have their moments), and in Mercury they also had one of the best rock vocalists ever. Brian May was never a rival to other rock lead guitarists (he's no Jimmy page) yet he is one of the most distinctive stylists in rock guitar, and melodically his soloes are some of the most intelligent and memorable around.

Moreover, they succeeded as a true rock band, without leaning on orchestrations or additional musicians.
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Queen is great yea.........I think May can easily stand alongside Jimmy Page.....though I do prefer Page
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U2 and the Beatles....
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New Order
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I can't pick one, so I'll just list three. These are three bands that I can't really place over one another.

1. Radiohead.
2. The Smiths.
3. Pink Floyd.

The Mars Volta are probably up there for me as well.
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The Rolling Stones
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