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1. Tom Petty & The Heartbreakers

2. AC/DC

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Originally Posted by VOIDsan View Post

Operation ivy


This is a fantastic choice. 


I found this thread amusing, taking a look at the music forum for the first time in a long while, because by pure coincidence I was actually listening to M83 (pretty rare) while reading the first post.  The other thing is that it made me recall that quite a while ago when I got M83's first record, I couldn't help but dismiss it a bit as a copycat of my favourite band, Mogwai.  Fortunately, M83 pretty quickly found their own sound after that.


Anyway, Mogwai are still my favourite band, they just do it for me for whatever reason. 


Also, before someone feels the need to point it out, I'm well aware that they also have their influences that in their early days were sometimes pretty obvious as well, it's the natural way of things and it's just an observation.   

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Not really a band but Johnny Cash is my all time favorite artist.

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don't really have one at the moment, not one where i really can't wait for their new lp type of thing. no doubt thats because modern music does little for me.


the greatest band of all-time is the beatles, i love them. to me they are on another level so i don't usually count them in my favourites as that is simply a given.


up until i was around 14-15 my favourite band was slade.

then queen took over for decades.

after queen finished i discovered king's x and went mental over them for a few years! however their last few lps haven't been up to much imo. a band can only be at the peak for a limited time i suppose.


so they are the 3 bands that have meant the most to me in my life, besides the fab four.

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Atoms For Peace ;)

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It's too hard for me to say in order so I'll just put them in different 'levels' to make it easier.


Level 1: Metallica, Led Zeppelin - Both are ultimate all-time favourites

Level 2: Tool, Soundgarden

Level 3: Testament, Alice in Chains, Megadeth

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Magnum (uk rock band who have never quite got the attention they deserve).



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Originally Posted by DavidMahler View Post

Here's my top 10 and it's just Bands, no solo artists.............

10. Television
9. Radiohead
8. Jethro Tull
7. The Allman Brothers Band
6. Steely Dan
5. Pink Floyd
4. Led Zeppelin
3. The Beach Boys
2. Genesis (Pre 1978)
1. The Beatles

I love - 2. Genesis (Pre 1978)    I know exactly what you mean - Gabriel all the way. 

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Genesis "Seconds Out" is among my favorite live albums of all time.  Easy top 5.

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Scott Walker(not sure if individual artists count)
The Blue Nile
Orange Juice
New Order
Tim Buckley
Kate Bush
Big Star
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I really can't decide.  I've narrowed it down to three.







Yes...  I'm serious with that last one :)


Ask me what my favourite album is, and you'd get a different answer.

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File:Beatles logo.svg

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It's hard to pick a favorite.  But if I knew I were going somewhere for the rest of my life and could only have music from one band/artist it would have to be Rush.

I never seem to tire of listening to their music.

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