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Your Favorite Band of All Time

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Tell us your favorite band of all time and explain what draws you to them. If you have any favorite songs or performances you've attended, be sure to list them. Also feel free to discuss the genre and similar artists if you like.

While I may have said Radiohead or Pink Floyd a few years ago, I've been really engrossed in the indie rock genre more recently, where I came across the band M83. M83 is a relatively new band, they were formed in 2001 by Anthony Gonzalez. I'd consider M83 to be pretty pure shoegaze. M83's music, while it may be difficult to fully appreciate it on the first listen, is very engrossing, dreamlike and melodic. Of their discography, I feel that Saturdays = Youth(2008) and Before the Dawn Heals Us(2005) are the most compelling.

The song that really stands above the rest would be Kim and Jessie. The song is reminiscent of 80s new wave, heavy synth with a bit of a dark, melancholy feel. It's a beautiful song that I could listen to thousands of times without it feeling dull.
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Is it too conventional to say the Beatles? They have a remarkable catalog and I wish I had been around to catch them live.

A very close second would be Wilco. I still haven't caught them on stage, unfortunately. Though I really should. I'm almost willing to fly somewhere to see Wilco live.
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My favorite band is Dream Theater. It's a lot little things that bring me in. The story, variety, prowess. I've been listening to them since before I can remember (that's actually true, my dad's been listening to them since I was quite young).

No matter how much music I listen to, I always come back to Scenes from a Memory. Had that album in my car for 6 months straight when I first got my license =]
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I hate having to chose a single band or album...but if i had to....i'd say Black Sabbath. There are other bands which i like as well like E,L&P, Genesis, or Opeth, but no one managed to remain so influential and respected for almost 40 years..perhaps Rush, but they have an higher percentage of sub-par albums than Sabbath IMO.
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Oh, thats a tough one. But after some thinking I have to say Pink Floyd.
Genesis, Toto and Simple Minds is up there as well..
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God is an Astronaut, close second is Porcupine Tree

Depends 100% on my mood.
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Here's my top 10 and it's just Bands, no solo artists.............

10. Television
9. Radiohead
8. Jethro Tull
7. The Allman Brothers Band
6. Steely Dan
5. Pink Floyd
4. Led Zeppelin
3. The Beach Boys
2. Genesis (Pre 1978)
1. The Beatles
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In no particular order.

RUSH: Followed the whole journey since Peart joined the band on Fly By Night. Amazing talent with a trio. 2112 and Hemispheres blew my mind. They were pretty far ahead of their time.

The Who: Townsend was a musical genious in terms of a writer and composer. Quadrophenia, Who By Numbers, Who Are You. Amazing stuff. Townsend's solo stuff was equally as good.

Genesis: Pre-1978 as well as mentioned above. The live "Seconds Out" is one of the greatest live records ever made. Sqonk, Suppers Ready, Cinema Show, Dance on a Volcano, etc....every song on that 2 record set is a journey.

Pat Metheny Group: The multi-layering and complexity of the music intoxicates me. There is nothing out there quite like it. Very unique....can't be pigeon-holed or labeled. "The Way Up" is a masterpiece.

Dave Weckl Band: Among top 5 live shows I have ever experienced. Jaw-dropping musianship in every regard. Weckl is the master at polyrhythms.
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Detholz!(Formerly known as 'The Detholz!'). Probably nobody here has heard of them as they're a local Chicago band. Wikipedia has them listed as an alternative rock or New Wave band, with Devo as an influence.
A. Their music is just the right mixture of rock and electronica for me.
B. The singer, Jim Cooper, shows incredible versatility in his singing.
C. The lyrics are more unique than any other band I've heard, ranging from artificial intelligence to historical figures.
D. They release a lot of their music for free, the vast majority of which is brilliant.
E. Their songs are just 'non-melodic' and complex enough for me to never get sick of them.
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Richard Thompson. Not a band, but he often sounds like a couple or three guitarists at once.

YouTube - Richard Thompson Band - Hard On Me

- Ed
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Probably the Rolling Stones, or maybe the Clash. Or I might go with Stereolab. Or REM, or New Order. Beatles? Maybe the Beatles. Hard to choose just one, good thing we don't have to.
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As boring as it is, I'd have to go with the beatles as well. They were just amazing. After that I would say probably Bob Dylan, Built to Spill, and David Bowie.
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It has gone back and forth between 3 bands over the years.

The Beatles - The original best band of all time for me.
Mr.Bungle - Their 1991 album first broke me free of all other questionable music of that era I was listening to. Really expanded what music could be.
Stereolab - So many good albums over the years, just a sound I never tire of.

Lately a few newer bands are creeping up, they are:

Subtle - (Or anything with Doseone in it) Closest thing to a rap style I listen to.
Why? - Took me a while to warm up to Yoni's music but now I find it genius.
Beach House - Really enjoy Victoria Legrand's voice.
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Originally Posted by Uncle Erik View Post
Is it too conventional to say the Beatles? They have a remarkable catalog and I wish I had been around to catch them live.

A very close second would be Wilco. I still haven't caught them on stage, unfortunately. Though I really should. I'm almost willing to fly somewhere to see Wilco live.
Wilco for me.

Uncle Erik, you must do yourself favor and see them live immediately. When I saw them live a few years ago near my hometown, it changed the way I see live shows these days. Gone are the days of standing up front with the amps blowing away my eardrums. Now I look for shows played in theatre type settings with a nice controlled volume for an enjoyable listening experience. Wilco does this well.
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led zeppelin.
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