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Anyone know where I can buy that FiiO slim LOD? I see one on eBay but it seems pricey.

Oh nevermind, I tried searching for Line Out instead of LOD and found a cheaper one!
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just ordered the Fiio E1 to pair with my HiFiMan RE0's. i ordered it because i generally have to turn the iPod up to 60% volume to get a good level so the RE0's seem like they want a little more power. also hoping the amp will give the bass a bit more oomph.
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I bought this for fun (it's so damn cheap).

Running: iPod Nano (latest Gen)-> Fiio E1-> Magnum Alessandro MS2i.

While I seriously wasn't expecting much, I was quite surprised. It drove the Magnums really well (punchy, good bass control). Soundstage is a little compressed compared with better amps. BUT...

For $15, I really can't complain. Plus it's so compact. I ditched the E5 I have.

While my RSA Predator is my portable amp of choice, the Fiio E1 will get a run simply because it's a simple, elegant solution (GENIUS actually) that combines: amp, LOD, music control/volume control in ONE device.

For the revisions, I'd like:

1) a slightly shorter cable
2) a HOLD button!

Gonna try it with my Ety Er4P and 4S now...
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I plugged my RE0s into my amplified computer speakers and damn, the bass is there. Now I can't wait for my Fiio E1 to arrive so I can get something close to this sound from my iPod.
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Fiio E1 arrived today. Sounds like a perfect pairing with my RE0s. I like how the low-end is enhanced without getting muddy. The midrange sounds like it has a wider soundstage. Worth $20 for sure.
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Uhm, I hope I won't get laughed at for asking this here, but would the E1 help with driving Sennheiser HD 25's from an iPad?

I just recently got the Sennheisers and they sound amazing on my Stereo but not quite as good on my iPad. I don't wanna spend a lot of money on a headphone amp, and can't really be bothered with changing batteries and stuff, so the E1 piqued my interest. I realize it's not a perfect solution but if it would at least improve the soundquality noticeably i'd give it a try.

Any opionions would be appreciated.

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Hi everybody, just my first post here. beyersmile.png

I just land over this interesting forum after reading some reviews about the Fiio E1, which looks like an amzing update for the price: I would like to boost the performance of my iPod (60GB) and my iPhone 3G coupled with my new Beyerdynamic T50P.


Just a question, which has already been posted but with no reply: how much does the amplifier affect the battery life of my iDevices?


Thanks a lot. wink_face.gif

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Battery life improved in my case. At the least would remain same i guess.

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How can it be? The amplifier should drain some kind of energy to run, and that should come out from iDevice.... confused.gif

That's anyway good news: I have one on his road to my place, so I will give my 2 cents ASAP. beyersmile.png

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