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New to OGG vobis

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Hello, I have been interested in looking at the OGG codec. I am planning to use this for my non-critical non Hifi setup just normal. I have heard it sounds better so I am thinking about making the switch to it. I was kust a little confused about what quality (-2.0 - 10) I should use or what is "average" Should I use average or variable bit rate? If anyone is familiar with this format, I would also like of anybody knows where to get a OGG DAp or like an mp3 player that supports ogg. Thanks,

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I recently switch to OGG Vorbis too. I have no reason since I use Nero AAC double pass, but simply because I want to move toward free and opensource formats. I'm quite happy about it, seems the file sizes are smaller than AAC. And using FLAC for backup purpose.

I thought that using Q settings the bitrates will be variable, not constant?

There are two different encoder version, libVorbis and AoTuv, it seem people are prefering the latter. I also heard something about the upcoming version will have both of them combined, or something like that. Anyway, I get my latest encoders here: RareWares

It's probably easier if you use an GUI interface. I use foobar2000 which has its own converter, you just have to point to the location of the Vorbis encoder file when it asked. Base on foobar2000, Q4 = ~128kbps, Q5 = ~160kbps, Q6 = 192, Q7 = 224, Q8 = 256, Q9 =320, Q10 = 500

I think iRiver and Cowon devices support Vorbis, although I am not up to date with mp3 devices anymore. I use Rockbox firmware for my players so it can support every audio formats.
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any mp3 player that rockbox can be installed on supports vorbis through rockbox

a number of commercial players also support vorbis
certain iriver models
certain cowon/iaudio models
a few others

it should be noted that vorbis has a noticable impact on battery over mp3 (or my lossy codec of choice musepack)

as for bitrate it's best to use the quality settings... -q 8 is the setting i ususally recommend gives solid quality without being excessively large

vorbis does have some bitrate controls to allow encoding of a constant bitrate or a specific average bitrate but these are usually best left alone unless you are using a select few portable players that are very picky about vorbis bitrate (like the iriver iFP-895 that i used to use)
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They are developing a Dreamcast emulator for OpenPandora btw. I just received an email they are very close to shipping it, too bad I dropped out of the preordering, now I don't have spare cash to get one.
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Yeah, but I looked at rockbox and I dont know if it supports rockbox... I have the Sansa Fuze and I think it is unsupported for ogg or am I mistaken?
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Rockbox doesn't support sansa fuze right now, though it is in development as I understand. Base on Cnet, the fuze does support Vorbis: WMA , WAV , Ogg Vorbis , MP3 , FLAC , Audible
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there is an unsupported version of rockbox you can download and install on the fuze but it's under an even bigger USE AT YOUR OWN RISK warning than the full release versions

but as said it supports vorbis with official firmware
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