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This thread is funny because I just got the HD650's, and an ex of mine just boasted to me about the "totally awesome" Dre Beats she just got.

Can't wait for my K.I.C.A.S. and Micro DAC to arrive to make my setup complete! Then I will re-retire from Head-Fi to enjoy my music in bliss for a couple more years.
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Originally Posted by SillyHoney View Post
Other than ambient noise that was pretty quiet in Best Buy at the time I was listening to it, there is nothing special about my rig back then. I feed my SRH440/HD555/M50 using iPhone or laptop and used the same song.

And at the same Best Buy, same hour, I tried a much cheaper Sony and it sounds a lot better.
Thats the point. Must people who judge the beats have NO CLUE what they sound like when they are properly amp, use good source material, etc. Therefore they compare them to their headphones and other headphones that are properly amp and draw their comparisons. The HD650 sound like crap too if they are underpowered and have crappy source material.
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I own the Sennheiser HD 650 and a buddy of mine owns the Beats Pros.  Comparing the two as far as sound quality, hands down the Senns takes it.  Senns delivers fine details and bass isn't all "IN YOUR FACE" type.  Example: "When a drummer plays the drums and when he hits the high hat, you know exactly it's the high hat and that's on the Senns."  Where on the Beats sometimes you have to really figure it out...   It's that detailed and fine tuned.  However, I do give some credit to Beats due to that it does not have to be amped to be as loud as they are.  Also, the Beats are very well constructed but does get heavy after a few hours of listening.  

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Holy thread necro batman!

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Buy the beats and save money and get groceries

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No joke, I believe it is a serious question and deserves serious answers. Go with the beats and save money. I have no beats and wish I did.

I have the HD650 and HD600 and various other headphones. The beats will make my collection full.

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Pretty simple IMO:

Sound: HD650>>>>>>>>>>>Beats
Looks: HD650>>>>>>>>>>>Beats
Build Quality: HD650>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>Beats
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You mean beats all the way?

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Originally Posted by noxa View Post

Pretty simple IMO:

Sound: HD650>>>>>>>>>>>Beats
Looks: HD650>>>>>>>>>>>Beats
Build Quality: HD650>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>Beats

You like the >>>>> sign so much

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this is a easy one

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Honestly, I read the Head-Fi forum quite a lot and have to say the majority of people on this forum are buffoons, listening to what everyone else says about them. Beats STUDIO and Beats SOLO yes are very overpriced. However 4 years ago I bought the Pros and paid £320 or so for them and they are FANTASTIC. I this year bought a pair of HD650s for nearly £300 (4 years later) and had to buy a DAC amp so actually overspent on the 650s by £200, 4 years later!

And the difference? Not much, HONESTLY. The only significant difference is a bit more "in-your-face" bass but it does NOT drown out any highs/mids or even lows!!

To sum up: too many people on hear that don't actually know about music and listen to what supposed 'audiophiles' say. Funny thing is, the real audiophiles that do this for a living actually agree.

Someone please answer where this "too dear" shenanigans comes from? 4 years later and £200 worse off for Sennheisers!
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