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Google Wave Invites?

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If anyone has a Google Wave invite they could throw my way, I would greatly appreciate it. Shoot me a PM if you'd like to help a Monkey out.
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Me too! Thanks! Google FTW.
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Me three? Though I just applied for an invite.
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I too am interested in getting one

Pretty please?

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Add me to this list, if anyone kindly has an invite to spare.
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oh so ditto

would very very much like one if some kind soul had one to spare for little old moi
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I applied for an invite the first day and still haven't heard anything.

I also applied for a Google Voice account over a month ago with no result.
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Originally Posted by shawn_low View Post
Me three? Though I just applied for an invite.
Me 4
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I will happily accept an invite as well, if anyone have a spare one...
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I offer up my first born for a Google Wave invite.
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i'll take one too if anyone has one.
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Add me to the list, I'm a developer and seeing first hand what Google is up to would be great!
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I have wave but they have yet to give me any invites to give out for over 2 months =(
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I would like one as well if someone would like to pass one along.
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PM me guys, I have about 10 to give out, and I will give them out first come first serve.

For those of you who are wondering where is my invitation, you said you sent it, are you harvesting email addresses for spam?! No, I'm not, google will send the invitations when they wish, but rest assured if I sent you a pm back you will get the invitation eventually.

All out Sorry guys.
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