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HiFiMAN HM-801 Player Firmware Debug Thread - Page 9

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Originally Posted by ade_hall View Post
It seems the 801 is now being shipped with version 0.12, what are the differences between this and 0.11? and how do we go about getting it?

My main issue is the updating message, hopefully this can be resolved soon
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Yeah really.. I've asked a few weeks ago where we can find new firmware and no answer about it.
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Customer service and comunnicaion really sucks....
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I apologize that we did not provide firmware update info in time. I was traveled in China for weeks from Jan to Feb. I came back a week ago and there are too much work need to be finished. I will follow up on firmware very soon, and provide some new firmware download link after finishing the 0.13 version test. We will provide 0.13 firmware download link next monday Hopefully.
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Thanks Fang. Good to hear an update.

Do you have a changelog you can post?
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It seemed the SD card/playlist problem could be solved. I need to test two more night to confirm.
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Firmware v0.14beta

Please decompress the file by winrar first. You will get a file named hm-801.img. Please delete flashonboard on your HM-801 player, copy hm-801.img into flashonboard, and reset your player. You will see your player firmware been updated after resetting.
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Thanks. Was able to update to v0.14 All is well!
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Should I delete the img file afterwards?
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Great, my version is also 0.14 now! Not bad from v0.08

Thanks Fang. Also I noticed that the date of the firmware is the Women's Day. Is is deliberate?
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The older version v0.12beta. If you have trouble with v0.14beta, you can go back to v0.12beta and see what happen.
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Any change log that can be viewed anywhere? Would love to know what the new firmware does
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v0.12 & v0.14 key is disabled can not operate together.
reverted to v0.08.
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Thanks Fang for the updated firmware and making it such a simple process
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