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iBasso T4+ Audio Technica ESW10

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I am not sure yet, but I think I am going to buy Audio Technica ESW10's.
I was looking for a super portable amp for the headphones and then I found the T4.
However, some people told me that although it will work fine, it won't work very good.
I am not looking for the really perfect sound, but I do want to get a reasonably good sound.
What do you say? how is the combination?
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it is amazing how you can afford to buy the esw10 yet save money on the amp
anyway what source are you using?
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Well, I am a super newb so there many things I don't understand yet, But this amp catched my eye because of its size- it's miniature!
My source will be an iPod Touch.
You probably think it's an unproper amp for these headphones. :P
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Why dont you match your ESW10's with a lovely Tube Headphone Amp say eg from Little Dot or someone who makes nice Tube headphone amps, thats what I would do.
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The amp has to as much as portable..
Some people told me that the ESW10's sound good even without an amp, but some others told me that I must buy an amp, so I decided to buy one.
Look, I got Sennheiser in-ear hearphones for daily use, so I won't drag the ESW10's with me to every place, but I do want them to be portable, even if not for daily use, so I need my amp to be small enough.
I know it's some kind of a compromise, but what can I do.. I don't want to carry a bulky amp with me.
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How many OHMS are they ESW10's ?
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45 ohms.

Edit: here are the details (from ebay):

Type: close-back dynamic
Driver diameter: 42 mm OFC voice coils
Frequency response: 5Hz - 35kHz
Maximum input power: 1000mW
Sensitivity: 102 dB/mW
Impedance: 45 ohms
Cord: 1.2m (Y-type)
Plug: gold-plated, 3.5mm stereo mini-plug
Weight: 170g

I guess you don't need all of these but you know.. just in case.
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OK OK I am ganna stop this before it gets too idiotic. IF the ESW10's are anything like the ESW9's, they benefit from an amp greatly, but they can be used without and sound good. I would wait for the Pico slim or buy a shadow, but that is very expensive. You are now looking at between 900-1000 bucks for both your headphones and amp. What is your budget? The ESW10's should be fine alone.
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I saw ESW10's which are sold for about 500$ on ebay, and the amp I want to buy cost 100$ (maybe I will decide to buy a better one, but probably not).
So these two will cost me together ~600$ before shipping.
My overall budget is 1100$ but some of the money will go for an iPod Touch, and maybe I will earn some more money soon.
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Can you guys help me please?
And I got another question: how big is the difference between T4 and D2+ Boa?
I was thinking to myself- if the amp and the iPod Touch won't be in my pocket anyway (too big), I can invest more money in a better amp if the sound will become much better.
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Only get the D2 if you need a USB DAC for your computer, the T4 amp sounds better.
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I got a stupid question: what is a USB DAC?
I won't listen to music on the computer at all, only on the iPod Touch.
I was told that the T4 is more suitable for IEM's and in-ear canal earphones.
Will it work with the ESW10's?
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Can someone help me please?
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The ESW10 sounds incredible on its own. They definitely don't NEED an amp.
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I am happy you are saying that but I am getting crazy because every day I get a diffrent comment.
Last time someone got mad at me because he heard I want to buy these without an amp.
Buying the T4 will make the sound better, worse or no difference at all?
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