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Announcing HeadRoom's All-New Website

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Dear Head-Fi Community Members,

I’m very excited to give you an update about HeadRoom. Call this a special “Head-Fi press release.” Within the next week, we will be relaunching our website. You may remember that we made some changes to our home page back in March of this year. This time, we tackled the entire site and backed our efforts with some great external resources. You’ll notice several things with the relaunch of our site: a new look and feel, new retail products, and hopefully an easier and more seamless shopping experience.

As we redesigned our site, we looked to strike a balance of having customers still recognize HeadRoom; being e-commerce friendly and inviting to anyone who comes to our site and wants to buy personal audio gear; and, still appealing to enthusiasts who want to sink their teeth into some beefy technical commentary. We think that newbies and experts alike will appreciate the easy-to-navigate menus, product information readily at hand, and enhanced sorting options, along with many other great new features. Also, you won’t want to miss our new blog spot “Right Between Your Ears,” featuring our founder, Tyll Hertsens.

You’ll see new brands like Sony, Skullcandy, Monster and Boston Acoustics, and new product categories like iPod/iPhone docks and headsets, coming on board at the time of the launch. We will still evaluate products carefully and sell those products that truly offer value to our customers. Value, however, means different things to different people. For many, sound quality trumps all; for others, style or application tops the list. In any case, we want to help them get it “right between their ears.”

So, in connection with the launch of our new site and CanJam @ RMAF, we are offering a special 15% call-in, promotional discount to Head-Fi’ers on select products from now through October 10th. We hope you’ll take advantage of the opportunity to peruse our new site and get great savings on the gear you’re looking for. If you’ll be at RMAF, please stop by our tables in the CanJam room to say hello and have a listen to our set of BALANCED Ultrasone Edition 8s!

Thanks for your support of HeadRoom!

Travis Waller, CEO
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Welcome to Head-fi

Hi Travis,

Nice first post. Welcome to Head-fi and as they say, "sorry 'bout your wallet."

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A couple of screenshots & more discount info!

Hello Head-fi'ers!

It's Ivy here, and I thought I would share a couple of screenshots of our soon-to-be-released website exclusively with the head-fi community! We are very excited about the upcoming release of our new site, and we welcome your feedback!


First, a bit more information about our discount promotion:

In conjunction with our site release and RMAF/CanJam this weekend in Denver, Colorado, we are pleased to announce a 15% DISCOUNT on select products! You must call in to receive our discount-- 800-828-8184, International customers call 406-587-9466. (Sorry, Sennheiser HD800's are not eligible for this promotion!)

This offer is valid starting tomorrow, September 30, 2009, and runs through October 10, 2009 -- so after your return from CanJam you have still have time to take advantage of this great offer!


Attached is a couple of screenshots of our new site. Some of the new features/info on our site include:
  • introduction of several new brands- including Sony, Monster, Skullcandy, Boston Acoustics, Sendstation, and many more soon to follow
  • comprehensive new Selection Guides with loads of new content
  • product pull-down menus allow you to access any product from any page w/ one click
  • introduction of HeadRoom Founder's blog--, written by Tyll Hertsens
  • tab-based product pages with customer reviews, recommended accessories, and related Selection Guides & applications all on one page
  • all-new product content includes an overview paragraph, whats-in-the-box listing, and easy to read bullet-point features
  • enhanced filtering option on left menu
  • advanced sorting & display options on product listing pages
  • an enhanced cart will be rolled out soon after launch, which allows customers to place an order without creating an account, and features PayPal and International order support
  • enhanced graph features will also be coming soon!
  • select product videos & flash demonstrations will also be coming soon!

And of course there are many other cool things you'll find on the site, too numerous to mention. There are also bugs here and there, but we hope this gives you an idea of the great new features in store for

Here is a screenshot of a product listing page:

And a product detail page:

We really hope that you'll find our site to be easier to surf than ever, and continues to be your "go to" resource for headphone information! Thanks Head-fi!
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Hi All,

Just wanted to say we plan on bringing in LOTS of cool new brands at HeadRoom in the next few months -- some 'big boys' and also some of the smaller, more unknown makers -- and, as Ivy said, your suggestions are always welcome. We're really stoked about our upcoming HeadRoom expansion and we hope our fresh website reflects our commitment and passion for all things headphone & personal audio!

See you all at the Can-Jam Suite in Denver RMAF this weekend!


HR Sales/Product Manager
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I think this looks great.

I do have one objection. I know it will be good for your business selling SkullCandy. However, I always felt that one of the greatest qualities of Headroom was selecting 'phones that "made the grade".

On the other hand, I guess it might get some kids into the site and open up a new world of premium headphones to them.

I'll take the good with the bad and wish you guys the best with the relaunch!
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Thanks for the input Joelby--

We know it may be a bit of a surprise to see Skullcandy now offered at HeadRoom. There are a few reasons- starting with the fact that MANY people ask us for them!

And, we were pretty pleasantly surprised by some of the models, they actually sound better than we thought, and are fairly priced. (there were also others that we chose not to carry, because errr... we really wouldn't know what to say about them...)

Another plus to Sk's is that they offer a lifetime guaranty if the product is broken in normal use, and if they are broken in abnormal/inappropriate use, a replacement is available at half price; making Skullcandy's warranty the most generous in the biz!!

I'm sure we'll hear others chime in on the pros & cons here... thanks for your comments.
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Originally Posted by Ivy View Post
I'm sure we'll hear others chime in on the pros & cons here... thanks for your comments.
It is inevitable that a red flag was thrown up over the SCs. I figured I might as well be the one to do it and keep it civil.
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Originally Posted by Ivy View Post
making Skullcandy's warranty the most generous in the biz!!
That win goes to Koss, sorry.
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Hi Joelby,

I do think you hit the nail on the head ... we believe legions of younger folks out there are growing up understanding & loving headphones thanx to makers like Skullcandy. We hope to be providing great headphones to match ever-evolving tastes as new listeners grow into more sophisticated approaches!

And, frankly, many of us were nearly knocked-out by the sound-quality-to-price audio performance ratios of SOME Skullcandy models!

Thanks again for the comments!

HR Sales/Product Manager
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Originally Posted by logwed View Post
That win goes to Koss, sorry.

Yep, both Skullcandy and Koss do lifetime limited warranties on their headphones... Big nice plus there!

HR Sales/Product Manager
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The site looks great guys!

Thanks for all the hard work I know you've all gone through to make Headroom what it is, and I look forward to digging around in the new site!
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This is exciting news. I'll be checking out the new website.
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Originally Posted by logwed View Post
That win goes to Koss, sorry.
Well... certainly Koss has an excellent warranty-- but they do NOT cover anything if the products are "mishandled" in any way.

Skullcandy, otoh, says if you abuse 'em -- we'll still replace them for 50% off.

Koss Warranty

Skullcandy Warranty

A minor point here, but worth bringing out, since SK's warranty policy was certainly a determining factor when we looked at bringing these on-board.

Thanks for your comments all, keep 'em comin'!
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congrats guys! the site looks great!
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Skullcandy? Must be a tough economy. Generic shopping cart software too?

There goes the unique, if hard to navigate, old site. A good thing I guess, for you guys. I noticed Tyll isn't announcing this one too.
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