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Originally Posted by swanlee View Post
Seriously WTF?
sorry u dont like my post

i m going to be very un-popular i suppose. any way, there will be no more out of topic post from me from here on, i will shut up. carry on and perhaps we might hear some comment from buyer this or next week (the receiver of 1st 6 units)
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Dear Head-fiers,

This is my first thread and I appreciate very much the inputs of everybody involved here. Let's retain positive inputs: share the merits of the 801 and the rooms of improvements as well so that better products can be made. Then this thread can be beneficial to our headfier fellows.

I'm sorry for what happened in nc8000's thread because I have been waiting for reading his full review as well. The integrity of nc8000 seriously saying the 801 sounded really good(reply post#8 this thread) is something that I admired.

I'm sorry for Nanki as well because the incident happened simply because of the communication break down, cultural gap, language barrier, ... etc. Let's forbid the propagation of these kinds of non-music related threats in this thread and concentrate on the SQ and the features of this product.

I'm an IMod/D10 user and am certainly looking forward to replace them by a single-box 801 solution.
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Originally Posted by Nankai View Post
As I said before, we will be able to upgrade the firmware and solve those problems after the meet.
Not relevant for me as the unit went back first thing Monday morning

Originally Posted by testrichard View Post
how old r you my friend ? its not like you getting younger yesterday so why did you do what you did ?

lets start from your point of view and how i read it ?

so u host the denmark meet and you put in lots of hard work to organise and even let people know that hifiman is coming to your party and got every one excited then you put in your completely professional and fair judgement to review the (prototype) hifiman 801.
then u have to take it off and felt completely embarrassed and also felt your effort in reviewing the unit wasn't appreciated and on top of that you worry that your reputation is damaged since this became public known while also disappointed people you told that hifiman will show up? i think this pretty much sums up from what you told us but dont mind u tell us more.

this is like a person who host a party and then tell every one that some popular guy will show up and every one is excited then the guy later decide not to show up and you got mad and felt embarrassed to people who attending and u decide forever abandoned the guy?(at least you didnt attack the guy in public or etc)

have you think about the view from the guy ? he promised to attend as you requested and he did so but clearly he does not want the un-necessary attention perhaps he's not fully prepare ?( try paparazzi shooting stars getting off airplane completely un-prepare and no make up on and u will know why they act mad ? you wanna shoot my pics fine, let me prepare, ready and finalize my look so i can present the best and not like people only remember and talk about my worst moment let alone that their r people who just enjoy attacking other people and never live up to the standard to have non bias view like professional news reporter or megazine reviewer ? )

the guy value your friendship and trust you so he attend and dont mind entertain you and be your company but u forgon his privacy request and make him very un-comfortable ? who's really hurting here ? also whats wrong that he likes to make friends to the only few he knew is coming ? that's his own will isnt it ? if you r going to host a party shouldnt the host priority is to make sure every one have great time ? instead of forcing your popular friend to sign autograph or take pics with every single stranger because that make you feel popular too ??

the point is u requested fang to send a unit and he agree since he believe this will help to let more people hear hifiman especially the audio magazine and help the sales ( which ironically un-necessary as the production speed will not catch up with the demand to begin with any way, but no publicity is bad publicity let alone the good one)

he dont mind you enjoy the company and have fun with the unit at all and only hope you being a good host to introduce hifiman to people but bear in mind that it's not finalized yet and really dont want too much un-necessary attention as it's just all too much trouble to explain and correct later on ~

but you got excited and jump the gun decide to go with your will to write a review because you believe you have fair judgement and non bias view etc ? who really betray the trust here ?? r u ? or fang ? its like strip off some one and comment about the person dis-regard the person's will or without agreement.

if you didnt jump the gun and done things that was not expected and just ensure every one have great time listen to hifiman and have a great party then all is good~ every one is happy ! you r happy and attender is happy and fang is happy! after all you got the unit already and fang shows his trust to you 1st but you just have to ruin every thing ?

sorry i m being so brutal and bloody honest but this is how it is .

if today i m a manufacturer or happen to be management of IT company and i trust my friend to send him a unit of prototype of new products which is not ready yet, i dont mind he enjoy it and be the 1st to play with it or perhaps even show his family since i cant really control him but i trust him~ how ever i know there is a risk that i can't control his family or his friends since i dont trust them or know them yet ? but then my friend surprisingly make it public and now i risk losing my job or even to other competitors and this might completely destroy my marketing plan or sales plan etc so who really betray the trust here ?? and then my friend come back and stab me on my back saying the friendship is over and he will not be my friend any more ??

do i need to go any further and brutal ?? i think the msg is clear unless you got more to defend yourself ?
I don't believe my eys, what a load of ......

I contacted Fang asking if there was anything he would be willing to send for the Danish meet and asking specifically about the HM801 since it is so eagerly anticipated. I got a reply that he would send their new top iem but probably not the HM801 as he only had few units reserved for press review. I mailed back and said that I had contacts to the editor of the Danish HighFideloity magazine from when he did an article on my headphone rigs some years ago and that he and the editor for Danish T3 would probably be comming to the meet. Fang replied that in that case I could have a unit and I would try to get one or both magazines to review the unit but that they would not commit until hearing/seeing it. So the unit being send is specifically send because there might be a review. This to me foolishly implies that it is a REVIEW unit being send and not an imperfect beta unit. I reported my findings to Fang before doing the review and got some comments back and these comments I also reported in the review. Afterwards I get an email from Fang saying that he is a very busy man and does not have time to answer in detail every email he gets but if he can not be bothered to reply in full to queries about his REVIEW samples he gets what he deserves.

But yes, you are right in thinking i feel p...d of as I feel Fang has misled me and waisted my time and money.

But don't let my feelings about Fang get in the way of a product that could very well redefine portable music for those who want sq first.
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But...Who is the above man?em...
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No idea.

Let me make it perfectly clear that my problem is with Fang and his way of handling the situation not with the product. I have no doubt that the software issues I found will be fixed over time together with issues that early adopters will find (no product is perfect and there is no way that this product being very much a niche product can have the kind of testing that mass market producers can stage) and once they are the hardware has such quality that this will be a fantastic product.
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Originally Posted by swanlee View Post
Seriously WTF?
What a useful & informative comment. We all now know what it was that you had issues with. This kind of reminds me of the way teenagers respond to things when they react to something offhandedly, rather than take a few seconds to let their mouth catch up to their brain. Some of us really don't mind listening. It's okay to think someone is full of crap, but it is seriously ridiculous to post a two word response ending in "WTF". If you are'nt interested enough to make a real comment , just let it go.
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Nice to see the positive comments about SQ on here. I think that is what an appreciation thread is for

And since I just ordered one, I am hoping it sounds as good as these early reports suggest.
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Is this product released yet? What is the meaning of appreciation thread when the product's not even released yet.
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Oh i thought this product will get released in the coming 2 to 3 years. Lol
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Originally Posted by dippyboy_87 View Post
Oh i thought this product will get released in the coming 2 to 3 years. Lol
I think you have this thread confused with the Westone 3 thread.
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yeah i admit i'm really confused with the commercial release date of this product too. my bad

ok now enough kidding..

let the impressions and appreciations flowing in.
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Originally Posted by MadDog View Post
Is this product released yet? What is the meaning of appreciation thread when the product's not even released yet.
Please read the first post--somebody is already listening to the product.
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I've just listed two more links of impressions of the 801 from the RMAF in the post.
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Originally Posted by rxxdoc View Post
I had a couple of problems using folders, so I decided not to use them. Maybe part of the issue is that they have accurate rip files and other stuff like jpg's and all that kind of "stuff" that ends up in the file along with the music.

It seems "picky". It plays best if I put the .flac files, and only the flac files (have not tried mp3, for me why bother).

It sounds really great, but I really don't have any really high quality equipment to compare it to. Maybe I should not compare it to anything because ignorance will be bliss.

I love the sound, it sounds better than my Marantz 67se and it is much easier to carry around.

What a great sounding player.

I did note above that I took the battery out to reboot the HiFiMAN.

That battery is fing huge! It must eat a lot of volts/watts or whatever, but again It sounds great to me.

I am a very happy customer, even with the couple of bugs I have run into.

I do not plan to play 24 bits throught my HiFiMAN because I don't think I have 24bit ears. At my age, I think I have 16bit at best.

Anyway, it powers my Senn 555hd and I can't wait until I try it with the Senn 600hd's.

Now if the kids can get their homework done, I can to some real listening.

This is my 2 cents for what it's worth.
Quoted with permission
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