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Ipod commercial

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Just saw a commercial for the Ipod... not anything special, but then the text "Ipod" came up on the screen, and real tiny down at the bottom was the fine print that said "Don't steal music." Just thought it was funny...
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heh, me too. For some reason, I laugh everytime I see it.
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Yeah, "Don't steal music" is in every single ad (TV or magazine) for the iPod. My guess is that Apple's determined not to go the way of Napster, by putting that phrase in everything. If the record company lawyers ever decide to go after MP3 players (hey, don't put it past them), Apple can point to their disclaimers
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Those Apple dorks. Man, they think of everything...
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The iPod is wrapped in plastic with the words "don't steal music" on it also.
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My favorite part of those ads is that they dont give a hint to the size of the hard drive in it. If I were making these commercials, I'd put "THIS THING IS BAAAAD!! ITS GOT FIVE FRIGGIN GIGS OF SPACE!" in big letters. Of course, I wouldn't think of putting "dont steal music" in tiny letter so I guess the Apple people and I are on opposite sides of the river.
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