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Originally Posted by PanzerIV View Post
I hate cheap quality, I want very good sound everywhere I go not just at home on my computer. I never had any problems on my previous headphone within 3 years.
PROBLEM: K702 aren't going to sound anywhere near their best with a portable amp.
SOLUTION: Headphones that can be driven from a portable source like Grado, Ultrasone, Audio-Technica...
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If you want quality take a look at the Audio Technica woddied clipons. They are supposed to sound pretty darn good, should be easily driven from a portable source and are closed but will let in enough ambient sound to be safe while riding.

I also believe their is a couple of Yuin portable headphones (PK1/2??) that are supposed to sound pretty awesome and again work well without an amp.
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Hmm just wondering, does every (A/V Receiver) such as what most people use on their 5.1 home theater, includes an amp too inside of it? What I mean is that if someday I want to build a hometheater will I need to also get a seperate amp or any receiver already amp the sound, even by the headphone jack?

Last question:
Even if the cable seems cheap, will I still get better sound on my ipod/k702 if I use this line-out dock on the link below rather than the headphone jack or I must get a high-quality cable to notice any improvement on the lineout?
APPLE IPOD LINE OUT DOCK WITH 3.5MM STEREO MINI JACK - eBay (item 320383246179 end time Oct-10-09 08:33:53 PDT)
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Most receivers do have a headphone jack built in and will amp your headphones. They will typically be of lower quality than a decent dedicated headphone amp though.

You will get a line level signal using the LOD. I think most people will agree that there is an improvement even if the cable isn't super high quality.
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*reads thread*

*head explodes*
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I say stay clear!
Not only may it be harmful to the cones of the transducers, but it may also damage the headband, earpads, ...
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I really dont understand why you need to ask such a question like this since the answer is too obvious.
and the idea of k702 going portable just sounds too funny to me. I own one too and they never sound right with a portable source
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I have no idea whatsoever. But my gut feeling says it's better to avoid going out in the rain with open headphones. In fact, I'd say it's a bad idea to go out in the rain with any headphones. Well, except for IEMs. I think they can handle bad weather better than any on-ear or over-ear headphone could.
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