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B&W Bookshelf speakers

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I have never head B&Ws but I know they are a well known brand and easy to find at decent prices. I wanted to know if they are worth the time an investment or should I keep looking at other brands.
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I bought a new pair of B&W 602s3 many years ago and haven't had the urge to upgrade. I do listen to headphones more often(80/20) but the speakers still impress. You will only know after you listen. After auditioning 6 or 7 top brands in the $800 and below range, I quickly realized that the 602 was it. I actually auditioned the 602s2 but when I placed an order I was told to wait 4 weeks for the s3.
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B&Ws are very good speakers in my opinion however, they require very careful component matching. They use metal dome tweeters so the upper frequencies can be very piercing if the speakers are improperly paired with a cheap amp or source. If you want something a little easier to build a system around, you could take a look at PSB, AV123, Energy, and Paradigm. All offer great bookshelf speakers at affordable prices as well.
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Paradigm can be a little bright as well (although I hear that the Studio series are less bright). You could also look into Ascend Acoustics, Usher Audio, Outlaw Audio, NHT, ACI, Dynaudio, Quad, vintage Polk Audio, and Definitive Technology (only shoot for the Mythos series).
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I also depends on how much you want to spend. Bookshelf speakers can be inexpensive to very expensive. I wasn't that impressed with the B&W 685s I recently auditioned. Imaging seemed flat with little depth to the soundstage. I really liked the Vienna Acoustic Haydns I listened to though (but at 2x the price). I ended up with some Revel Performa M20s used which I really like.
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B&W have a great warm sound.
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Typical English sound ... Not my kind of sound ...
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My amp is a NAD C325BEE. I have also been considering the Magnepan MMG and some other DIY bookshelf speakers.
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I have b&w dm 602 s2 driven by a sony str db 840 A.V. reciever(bought many years ago),and the sound is good,but lacking this nice smooth natural musical sound i get from my hd 600+my hp amp.I think b&w made them for home cinema use and not so for music use.(that doesn't mean they are bad for music...)

My room doesn't have good acoustics though.I think that if i place them in the right room and when paired with better gear,they'll be better.

Try to audition the b&w with your amp to see if they make a good match to your ears.
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I auditioned the 602 once and they didn't sound better than my Wharfedale Diamond 9.1 or my K701....
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over many years this is what i have found

(1) emotional type - sonus faber (warm and sexy)
(2) analytical type - b&w nautilus (clean, full range and detailed)
(3) fussy, accurate - dynaudio (true, soundstage staggering)

item 1 for classical music, chords, mid bass, female vocal.
item 2 for rock, pop and all current music
item 3 for orchestra, especially large scale newgen type you can really hear the twinkles and effects like 3d!
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Found it.
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I quite liked the pair of CM1 that I listened to at an audio shop. 


But if I were you I'd consider studio monitors as well, and take care of room acoustic correction. Preferably the room itself, but since this is seldom possible, electronic correction would already be a decent improvement.

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