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one mans significant is another mans insignificant and vice versa, so hope this is ok, its significant to me cost wise

buffalo linkstation pro 1tb nas

Neat, I guess.
At this point they're all being considered novelties. And as sad as it is to say, they are dying out really fast.
They're unreliable.
Before you jump on it, no prices aren't going to shoot down!
But everyone's moving to the TB bigger brother, the Solid State HDD since they're one of the only tried and true products that can hold that much memory and last you a good while.(2-3 Years)

Proven, Micro SD is one of the only devices proven to last you at least 5-6 years plus.

Either way, enjoy your new toy, and seriously, treat it well, and actually manage your stuff on there, otherwise you begin to create an incline on a TB.
Your files will begin missing, and it's Also been known to cause data loss.