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My most significant purchase as of late was a ticket to see Mastodon w/ Dethklok on Oct 7th. Significant because these two bands play awesome metal. I was with my friends yesterday and my buddy tells me that Converge and High on Fire are also going to be there. This blew me away as I was just thinking how much I'd like to see High on Fire! Now I'm seeing four awesome metal bands for $35. Talk about bang for your buck. This may be the best metal show yet!
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draytek vigor 2820n adsl wireless router

if boomana wants a good reason, that reason is my d-link just stopped working (dead)

thats why i bought it - yawn
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I got a Proclip Adjustable Holder with Tilt Swivel and Pass-Through Connector for my iPhone 3GS for my car. I also got a pocketdock with mini USB. It is signicant because I can view the phone, listen to music via the line-out and charge it.

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my last significant purchase was a humble home theatre setup consisting of:

panasonic 42s10:

B&O beolab 6000:

and of course, the very essential in any home theatre, sony ps3 :
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Well. this was last month, but a Lexus ES350. I think that's pretty significant..
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Originally Posted by DeusEx View Post
Well. this was last month, but a Lexus ES350. I think that's pretty significant..
Make sure your gas pedal doesn't get stuck under the floor mats!
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Canon 7D

Reason for buying: I bought my 20D four years ago, and have been waiting for the right camera to come along. None of the xxD upgrades really caught my interest. Canon seemed stuck in an endless cycle of tweaking an existing design and calling it a new camera.

With the 7D, Canon gives the serious amateur a pro-level body, at a price that I can actually afford.

I've never been first on the block with a new camera, so I pre-ordered September 2nd, one day after it's introduction. Mine arrives tomorrow. Needles to say, I took the day off from work.

Canon 430 EX II Flash

Reason for buying: I have a 420 EX flash I bought a number of years ago, but it lacks manual control of power ratios. The 7D has a built in wireless flash controller, so in order to take full advantage of the 7D capability, I added the flash.
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My most recent purchase (~2 weeks ago):

Waiting in agony
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mmm svedka
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Originally Posted by skyline889 View Post
Isn't that your parent's car?
It's apparently mine soon...=0
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this one is quite significant for me because it is the first time i've every been fully tempted to buy a big swag filled edition of a movie* WB had a few discount codes making it only a couple bucks more than the target edition and i really wanted disc 2 of the set and wal-mart's $20 edition was only disc 1

*i don't count the harry potter school trunk set because that was all 5 of the movies on HD DVD cheaper than the cost of the 5 separate HD DVDs even after buying some empty cases to put the movies in so they fit on my shelf properly and i also don't count the casablanca UCE from the red2blu program for 2 reasons... 1. the red2blu program had casablanca for $10 instead of the full price of $42+ and my hd dvd copy was from one of the 5 free movies offers 2. in the end i never even got the UCE but the 1 disc plain vanilla edition (which was free... or $3.50 if you count it's part of the shipping)
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I bought two pair of SRH840s. It's actually a very significant purchase for me. My boss, friend, and mentor of 14 years was killed in a motorcycle accident a couple of weeks ago, and just prior to his passing, he was asking me about what headphones he should get for his son, who was starting to get into music listening and also mixing on his computer. I know he didn't have a chance to get any for him before he died, so this is one way I can honor him. On one level, it's stupid to think about how someone dead would feel about anything, but in the face of not being able to do anything at all really, it's one small action I can do, and it would have made him very happy. I thought about getting the V6s, but his son is 17, and I figured these Shures would have a better "cool" factor with his friends. I'm not sure I know about that stuff anymore, though, being older than his uncool parents and even more uncool than they. I got a good price from Northern Light & Sound, so picked up a pair for myself as I never really gave them a fair shake at CanJam, and want to check them out. I hope my friend's son will like them.
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Rage Against the Machine-The battle of Los Angeles, used on ebay for $4
Why:I've gotten into them a lot lately and am purchasing more of their discography(I bought Evil Empire a couple weeks ago).
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