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Originally Posted by unl3a5h3d View Post
Wow I really liked them when I saw the pic, but when I saw the price, not so much. If they were ~$100 I would take them but thanks anyways. Nice shoes by the way.
That's cordovan, the wonderful colour alone is worth it.
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Grizzly 1023s. I finally bought a table saw I am going to keep for a long time.

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Originally Posted by lisnalee View Post
I got fed up cleaning the scroll ball of my mighty mouse every other day so i made my first significant purchase of 2010.

An apple magic mouse.

Just recently bought one as well but took it back didnt fit my hand at all and i just all around didnt like it much.
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Intel X25-V 40gb SSD :>

No real pics tho, since its already in my netbook
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Nikon D40 + 18-55mm + Sigma 30mm + lowepro 100aw for $560
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Just bought an Audience Ar2p, which will replace my 1p and give me two outlets so I can plug in my KGSS and something to replace my DAC Magic, probably a DLIII.

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I needed more papers, i wanted to get into dyi so i got a cheap starter iron, and a cf card for my ipod mini mod.

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I got a Samsung PN63B590 Plasma

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now I need to find a amp
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Goose down blanket and pillow (90% down, 10% feather), making for some good nights sleep.
Well spent $400 imo.

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Finally broke down and bought a new car. 2010 Mazda 3 GT with a bunch of the neat toys. Replaces my 2000 Protege that dutifully served me all this time.

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Clivus Multrum M2 human waste composter for my new house.

Cheaper than a septic tank, and uses way less water than conventional toilets so I'm less likely to need a $$$ deeper well.
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Those work in the cold? Or will you have to get it pumped regularly?
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It will be installed in the (heated) basement, with a small fan keeping the air flowing into the composter through the toilet (so that no smells escape into the house) and out the stack to the rooftop. The white rectangular door at the bottom is used to shovel out the finished compost into a bucket, to be dumped on the garden. Most people use it on flower gardens only, to avoid potential human parasites getting into their veggies.
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Despite the myriad of glitches, this game is mindfreakinblowingly fun.. It's my first foray into multi-player gaming. Bought the N wifi adapter for it as and I experienced very little lag so far.

I only wish there were more multi-player maps for it. The current ones are getting stale and I've only had the game 2 weeks or so. Found this but they ain't arriving soon enough.
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