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Wanting to buy an amp for my Sennheiser 595s

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Hello everyone, I am a newbie on this forum but a long time music lover. I have always been in to car audio but don't know too much about the small stuff. I got a pair of Sennheiser 595s a few weeks ago and love them so far. I use them on my computer with a Sound blaster X-Fi Music card and I thought they sounded pretty good. Last night my friend brought over his Total bithead portable amp with his sennheiser 650s. Not only does it have a spot for both head phones to plug in, but it made the music sound way better. Night and day difference. Now I am set on buying myself an amp. Doing so many car install im not stranger to what a good amp can do for some speakers, but it was an amazing difference.

Now my question is for the money is it worth it for me to grab the same amp. ($159) I like the dual output and usb hookup, the latter being required of an amp I would buy. I am ready to buy one I just wanted some opinions from people here if I should buy this one or if there is another amp less than that one that will perform equally well. I do not want to get something crazy and I will probably use these head phones for a long time. Also I will be using this 90% on my computer and 10% of the time on my ipod. Thanks for the advice.
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i went and got a ibasso d10 for my 595s, and i love it.

only cans i have no are my 595s for home listening and a pair of RE0s for portable use, and the d10 works great for both of those. problem is that it's not quite portable enough for me. i love it for plane flights and bus rides and stuff like that, but for walking around its just a bit too big.

that being said, i'm a little bit confused. If you're using the amp with just a 595, wouldn't you want a full sized one? i can't imagine taking those huge cans portable, and since this is the portable amp forum i'm assuming you want something you can walk around with.

i guess bottom line is that i love my d10, and i got them for their versatility, as i think they sound great connected to either of my headphones, but if you're not looking for something portable go with a full sized amp, they just sound better.
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