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Has anyone bought these?

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Do these work with the Koss portapros as advertised? The price looks too good to be true

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wow !!! US$5.00 for 20 pairs ? if these work for koss pp/ksc75 i guess its price point quite reasonable sir Don
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yah very cheap. I was going to look at the feedback sa buyers on ebay but the names of the guys that bought this were hidden. I guess I have to look at the bad feedback of the seller and see what it says. I hope there are clues as to whether this will fit or not. $4 including shipping!
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Ahhh I bought it... Its too cheap to resist
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i agree sir Don.. that price point irresistible .. kindly please share us your impression as we have hoards of koss pp/ksc75 fans... TIA
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I am using it for my px100 since I heard they have the same size pads. I'm also getting it in advance for my upcoming Koss portapro. I'll post impressions whether they are good or not when i get them Doc
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Sorry did not mean to dampen your mood... but I saw the description stated 16mm in diameter, which would seem to me to be those for earbuds. But I do hope it turn out to be what you hope for. Fingers crossed.

Did you try to ask the seller before you bought?

further check showed they do stock other foam like these:

30mm Foam Pad Ear Cover for Sony Creative Headphones on eBay (end time 27-Sep-09 19:48:31 BST)

I measured my portapro's sponge and my KSC 75's... they seem to be around 50mm in diameter across.

Maybe you want to contact them to clarify or change order?
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Oh, thanks for that. I missed that detail. I asked for a refund. There you go, it was too good to be true
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