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signal-noise detection

IMHO, DBT offers some "normalization" to subjective bias in human perception. But if the task is to identify any "signal" from the background noise, then this is another story. Identify any change in the sonic of the well-remembered passages of your favorite music track !!

Airforce rader-watching personnels are trained to detect any suspecious objects on the radar screen. Similarly, Navy sonar-monitoring personnels can distinguish whale's speech from military artifacts.

This is about human's signal-noise detection performance.

"The detection threshold is defined as "the signal minus the noise level required" "there are any underwater noise sources in the environment,but nothing can replace the human operator." "A human interpretation is also required with minimum visible signal (MVS) and tangential sensitivity. Invariably, the received signal power is competing with some interfering signal in order to be detected or recognised."

Trained human ears are so smart. But performance also increases through effective training. This is the truth. Your dog can also correctly identify your foot-steps in the dark.