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Soundcard and Headphones questions about X-fi

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Okay, I'm a noob but I have two basic questions.

I have this soundcard.
Amazon.com: Creative Sound Blaster X-Fi XtremeGamer Fatal1ty Pro Series Sound Card ( 70SB046A00000 ): Electronics

I don't think it has a headphone amp at all, so I was thinking about upgrading to...

Amazon.com: Auzentech AZT-FORTE X-Fi Forte 7.1 Sound Card: Electronics

Which does have a headphone amp.

Would this be necessary?

I wanted to replace my headphone (Icemat Siberia) to something in the Grado Sr series or Seinheiser.

I also have super fi.5 pro IEMs which sound great in my soundcard, but they obviously don't need that much power.
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For gaming, Grado is not that good. Great for music, but not so big soundstage so everything is very close to your head.

Depending on budget, I'd go for a Sennheiser HD555 or HD600/650. The latter need a proper headphone amp to shine but will run from a soundcard so you can think about that later.

Questions about soundcards are best asked in the appropriate part of the forum but both have a headphone plug you can use. I'll leave the answer to which is better up to others.
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hd650s have terrible sound stage i found HFI-780 with cmss-3d to be the best just a quick review on some gaming headphones The guide to buying gaming headphones 101 - Guru3D.com Forums
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terrible SS? wtf? HD 555 or AD 700 would be good for you. And snatch a sennheiser lucas, before someone else does :O
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no need for ddl when you have cmss-3d from your soundcard also forte is a much better card then anything creative makes
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I would definitely say Senn HD555.
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modded senn 555s --> 595s if you had to have seen
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In my opinion, the Beyerdynamic DT 150 are actually better than the 595's (don't know about the 555's haven't tried them), a great all-round can (which the 595's are not IMO).

So if you are looking for a good gaming can I think the DT 150 are a very good choice, especially considering the fact they isolate background noise, and have very good detailing (better than the 595's for sure), so it's easier to locate enemies with the DT 150.
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