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MCD500 opinions?

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Anyone have any experience with this particular SACD/CD player? I sampled one recently and unfortunately (for my wallet) I have to say it has to be one of the best-sounding players I've ever listened to. But I'm wonder what others think, primarily because when the price tag gets this high I often question whether I can reliably trust my own ears. Plus there's one or two McIntosh 'idiosyncrasies' (using a knob to skip forward/back tracks...and not all that smoothly and linearly...for instance) that might take a bit of getting used to, and the iconic McIntosh-look is totally out of place with the rest of my gear.
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THe MCD-500 is VERY good but the Accuphase DP400 at $5,500 is much better. This is what I'm using and had also considered the McIntosh. I do not play SACDs though so that might rule out the Accuphase.
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I love mine. I have an all-Mac system so the esthetics are awesome. Clarity and detail are the best traits.
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Simply the most analogue sounding CDP I've ever heard. Mine never ceases to amaze me. The two digital inputs that allow you to take advantage of this machine's incredible DACs with external sources are just gravy. You can buy this one with no regrets.
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