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Exclusive Whiplash/Locus Design Power Cable  

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I have the absolute pleasure in introducing an exclusive Raven Power Cable from Locus Design!!

A quote from Lee at Locus Design:
The Locus Design/Whiplash Audio power cable is designed for, and exclusively offered through, Whiplash Audio. Designed to complement both budget and high end headphone systems, this unique cable incorporates many of the innovations that Locus Design offers in its much higher priced cables, but at a more down to earth price.

-12 AWG CDA-101 high purity CF-DCT-OFC conductors and ground
-Specially formulated LLPE dielectric
-Special SPDF material twisted with conductors to damp internal and external vibrations, mitigating outside and inside mechanical influences
-Close attention paid to mitigation of triboelectric effects
-SF-PVC outer jacket designed to damp vibration
-Unique three layer shielding process, utilizing two different types of foil and strategic use of ERS fabric, allowing the cable to reject, reflect, and/or absorb both internal and external electrical influences
-Special NRC twist and lay rate, a Locus Design exclusive
-Deep cryogenically treated in house by our CryoFreeze process
-High quality Furutech AC and IEC ends
-Furutech Connectors!!!!

While this power cable could be considered "affordable" in the grand scheme of things, we urge you not to judge it according to how much it costs. We invite you to compare this cable to your current favorite, and prepare to be pleasantly surprised!


Price: $459
Intro Price is only $399!!!

Please check my website at Whiplash Audio Dynamics
You can always email me at

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Very happy with these cables, Craig.  Best power cables I've ever had and going to have for quite some time.  Thanks!

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Originally Posted by warp08 View Post

Very happy with these cables, Craig.  Best power cables I've ever had and going to have for quite some time.  Thanks!

Yea they are a bargain at these prices....




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Last night I had to totally disconnect and remove all the pieces of my main system as they are to see if they can install a dedicated power lines.  I couldn't believe how many power cables I had to unplug.  I see why Craig created this new line of products.

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