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Originally Posted by Watsy1958 View Post

As I can see you don't like to be corrected. If you noticed I bought the download and if you have a above average 5 or a 7.1 system then there is no doubt you'd agree DvD audio sounds superior simple as that.

Corrected? This is my first post in this thread and most of this thread is about a different DVD-A than the one I think you're talking about. This thread is from 2009 and the Immersion box set didn't come out until 2011.

You didn't answer my question. Are you listening to the DSD 5.1 mix in true DSD without it being converted to PCM? My guess is that the conversion to PCM for the DVD-A is better than the conversion being done in your system.

Read this thread to see what I'm talking about. The PCM file has high frequency noise present that is inherent to DSD.


Also if you bought it from the website you listed them you paid for pirated music.
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Ok being that I listen to dvd audio it seems it converts but Sacd doesn't it's direct but with what I understand there is hardly a difference if your looking to compare. It's down to personal choice with dvd audio the vocals come from the center speaker mainly and the rest moves around like a very good example Pink floyd Dark side of the moon. I'm sure my system has room for improvement with dvd audiio I don't use a dvd audio player I buy the dvd and I extract the music using dvd audio extractor which also converts to flac and I play them on foobar 2000 ...Being that there is only a hand full of dvd audio to choose from I'm just beginning to explore 5.1 bluray or even SACD if it's possible to convert to flac . I'm sure you can tell I'm not much into theorie but only what sound good.
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