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SOLD: Pico portable Amp / USB DAC in Black

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I'm putting up my HeadAmp Pico for sale. I'm going to pick up a balanced source and my portable days have come to an end. I was the original owner, waited about 4 months to get it. Unit is great, pushed my D2k's nicely and you can't beat the DAC for the price. This is a perfect unit to grow into as you can get a bigger amp but still use the Pico as your DAC. Nice and small as well. I remember getting my Pico was when I really started to appreciate this hobby and had my first eargasm. Lots of power and detail for this little guy.

I'll post pics later tonight, but for now this will have to do (hiding in the back of the setup)

I have the wall charger and a 3' USB cable for it. Wall charger is showing some wear in one spot (vacuum got to it) but completely functional.

Asking $old shipped in the US (paypal fees included).

The 6" Jena labs 1/8th -> RCA cable is available if interested. Looking for $OLD all in for both the Pico and cable.

Thanks for looking.
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A few pics.

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Updated price
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Hi there,

very interested but two questions:

- does this work on European voltage ?
- How much for shipping to France ?

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