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Are only serious entries considered, or can you submit humorous ones as well?
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Write it funny, serious or however you like. A haiku will do, Dr Seuss too. Just explain why you love a movie.

And to make it less mysterious, the winner gets to choose one of these cds.

1. Miles Davis, "Kind of Blue" - New, but I sneaked the wrapper off for a listen
2. Tangerine Dream "Poland" (their awesome live performance, a classsic) - Unopened
3. Pearl Harbor Soundtrack - Listened to once (No Gladiator, but not all bad.)
4. Roxy Music "Viva" some people consider this one of best live concerts of all time (upopened).

There are the prizes, now write!
Happy Holidays.
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The best movie ever is... Ernest Goes To Camp!

Let's see what it has:
Humor : Anytime Ernest opens his mouth!
Drama : Kids camp threatened to be mercilessly demolished by a ruthless corportation.
Intrigue : Corporate owner tricks chief into signing away camp rights.
Musical : Ernest's touching rendition of "Glad It's Raining" after the poison ivy & needle incident.
Epic battles : Turtle para-troopers, 'nuff said.
Special effects : Nothing beats a fully-loaded, exploding toilet!
Wilderness survival : Ernest learns never to go "Yip-a-yip-yip-yip" to a hungry badger!
Fine cuisine : The ultimate concoction of Eggsaroneous, best served w/ light Chardonnay.
Educational: Ernest's version of remote-controlled grills.
Culture: Indian chief chants something-or-other.

See, it has everything!
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Everything about this film is perfect! The direction, the writing, the cinematography, the acting, the music, the sets, and the sound effects are all flawless. Akira Kurosawa is one of, if not the greatest director of all time. All the other major directors listed this far agreed with that statement.

P.S. By not picking me, the terrorists win, remember that!
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I was thinking about saying the Seven Samurai as well, but as KR... has stolen my thunder, I will write about another, albeit totally different type of movie. Where the Seven Samurai is an epic achievement in artistic film -- with incredible cinematography, a complex and compelling plot, and incomparable presence and sincerity in the acting of Shimura Takashi and Mifune Toshiro -- Monty Python and the Holy Grail is a triumph of kitsch humor. This movie is very aware of its own absurdity and dearth of production money; it uses these to its own advantage. From the opening credits written in some odd mutilation of Swedish, to horses being represented by men with poor teeth holding coconuts, this film is on a totally different level than serious cinema. But for sheer entertainment value, it is hard to come close to it. Where else can you find the knights who say nee, women with HUGE...tracts of land, a holy handgrenade, a deadly flying bunny or Frenchmen who will wave their private parts at your aunties? Certainly not in Kurosawa. The Holy Grail is the the absolute pinnacle of slapstick humor, a genre that is no less entertaining in its own way than "serious artistic cinema", deserving of no less consideration in any estimation of the great films of our time.
Well, that is what I think anyway.
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Yay! I finaly found where I saved my old review. One of my teachers asked us to write a review on what we think the best movie of all time was, so here it is: excepts of what I wrote about Dr. Strangelove, its a bit longer than 300, but I did trim it a good bit.

The plot of this movie is a good one. It even has many intriguing twists, such as the discovery that the Russians had a doomsday bomb. This ultimate deterrent to nuclear war has been until then unknown because the Russian premiere wanted to surprise everyone with it (because he just loves surprises). The plot, however, is not the real backbone of this movie.

What really makes this film worthwhile is the great irony it contains. From the opening scene, this film tries hard not to take itself seriously. The ironies are subtle ones, though, and take a moment to fully grasp. One example is when we are shown the inside of a B-52 on standby. The crew is playing cards and the pilot (Slim Pickens) is reading a Playboy. The safe that holds the nuclear attack plans is home to more important items too, such as the pilot?s cowboy hat and some pictures of scantily clad women. This movie is packed with times when the situation calls for anything but a joke, and jokes are given. The jokes carry meaning to them too, which make them all the more satisfying. One example is when the army is sent to retrieve General Ripper, who has barricaded himself inside his airbase. As one soldier is getting ready to fire on the oncoming trucks, he mutters, ?Gotta hand it to those commies, those trucks look just like ours.? The trucks are ours, and this statement puts the whole McCarthyism period of false accusations in a sarcastic light. The humor in this film covers the entire spectrum of dry comedy, from someone saying, ?Gentlemen, you can't fight in here! This is the War Room!? to soldiers fighting in front of a large sign that proclaims, ?Peace is our profession.?

The scenes in this movie flow marvelously well. Nothing is introduced without a bit of hinting beforehand, meaning that the viewer is never presented with situations in which they have no clue what is happening. For example, the president decides to tell the Russians where the planes are so they can destroy them before they reach their targets, and in the very next scene we are shown a plane being fired upon. While not of critical importance to a movie, scene selection lets the great humor and decent plot of this movie built to a satisfying climax.

For containg subjects that shouldn?t be joked about, this movie is a great comedy. Its humor reaches deep, and makes the viewer think about why it is funny, and all too often the reason is because it shouldn?t be funny. Dr. Strangelove is enjoyable and entertaining, and also makes the viewer ponder the question of what if this really did happen.
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Thanks for entering everyone. I've read everyone's answer a couple times and it was tough to pick the best. Dhwilkin's continues to crack me up, I still don't know what AioTron was smoking; the one/two word replies were, well, in one word: "lazy", and Captainbubba certainly gets extra credit for answering TWICE. Every movie mentioned is a favourite of mine Godfather II -incredible, Citizen Kane - what can you say, Dr Strangelove - I'm a Kubrick fanatic myself, but on the basis of the rules of the competition I have to judge Stuartr's as being the most persuasive, concise and well-written. When thinking of the greatest movies of all time Monty Python and the Holy Grail seldom comes to mind, but on the strength of Stuartr's arguement, he reminded me that Monty Python and the Holy Grail is, indeed, a comedy classic. And comedy certainly holds its own place among the anuls of the cinema. On that basis, Stuartr is my holiday winner! Thanks everyone for entering. Stuartr, please private message me where you want the cd mailed and which one you would like to recieve from the prizes I listed. Happy holidays everyone!
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WOO HOO!! I knew the thousands of dollars a year for college was worth it! Chalk me up for Miles Davis...I need to learn more about Jazz, and it looks like a good place to start. Thanks chadbang!
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It's my pleasure. Send me a private message with your mailing address and Miles is on the way!
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Originally posted by chadbang
the one/two word replies were, well, in one word: "lazy", ... Citizen Kane - what can you say
Hmm. I thought my two word answer was clever, not lazy. And you even seem to agree about Citizen Kane. There is no way to describe the impact and craftsmanship in 3000 words let alone 300. To try and do so is an insult to the movie. Oh well, I guess I'll try again next year . Happy holidays.
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Well, it was a very bold statement, Morphsci. But I guess I was just looking for a WEE BIT more arguement. Sorry.
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No problem, your game, your rules. I was just being a little devilish
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