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IMO even with built-in soundcard with EQ software, then boosting bass and treble will achieve similar results with your E17 :P

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My situation.  These are in my semi portable rotation.  I don't wear them around, but I use them in the library coffee shop etc.  I don't worry much about sound signitures, but do value clarity, and fullness of notes.


Playing these phones frm my ipod was ok, but they did not have the clarity I was looking for.  they would play with enough volume, but the notes sounded if as if they were cut with a dull  knife. kind of jagged and rough


I tried them with a portable amp.  the hornet.  I used a mini plug to mini plug through the headphone jack.  I was disappointed. they only improved a slight amount.  They I tried a fiio line out.  now there is a great improvment.  Notes are sharp and clear.  Tone is full.  great improvment.


if you use them with an apple product use a line out .  even a cheap $10 one works wonders  Later I bought an E11.  Not quite as good as the hornet, but more than good enough.  not sure that the hornet is better enough to justify the additional $

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