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bought 990 from Peter. very fast transaction
another 'as good as it gets' kind of transaction
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Bought a Stello HP-100 from I_D. A stellar transaction from a stellar Head-fier. Thanks.
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Just bought V-Moda Bass Freq Earbuds from Peter. If this is not updated later...then assume everything went fine!! Great transaction! A+++++++
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Bought a Stello DA220 from Peter. He was ever helpful-- answering all of my questions and he went the extra mile-- traveling long distances to get the DAC sent to me via the carrier.

During the deal he kept me in the loop and shipped exactly when he promised.

Well the DAC arrived on-time in the original box with the original documentation, wires and was extremely well packed. The DAC sounds good and it was a great transaction!!

Thanks Mr. Iron_Dreamer!
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Bought's from Iron_Dreamer, he was patient, and shipped a very well packed package very quickly! It was a great transaction!
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Sold Peter some spare L3000 pads. Great buyer, decisive, responsive and paid quickly. Good guy and would deal with him again.

Best regards,

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I bought a pair of Beyerdynamic DT 531 from Peter. He's a good communicator, and diligent to ship quickly and well. The DT 531 were in exactly the condition as described. This was a better-than-textbook transaction, and I would not hesitate to do another transaction with Peter. In fact, I'm NOT hesitating to do so as I just sent him payment for another item.
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I bought a recabled Beyerdynamic DT 831 from Peter. Same solid communications, diligence to deliver on his end, and better-than-textbook happy ending as I'd received during my purchase of his DT 531. The recable job is visually, functionally and sonically a tasteful work of art that brings the best from the DT 831. Don't hesitate to buy audio gear from Peter, especially gear that he's modded. He's got artistic sensibilities for audio and does fine work.
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I bought some CDs from Peter. They came very quickly and were very well packed. I can only confirm what everyone else has said in this thread.

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Bought a few cds off of him and I must say he hired some magical shipping company cause they came within 48 hours.
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I bought a couple of CDs from Iron_Dreamer. They arrived quickly and well packed, and he obviously took great care of them prior to selling them to me as well. Great communication, overall a completely ideal guy from whom to buy stuff. Thanks!
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Sold me his Apogee mini-DAC with Sigma 11 PSU. Threw in some nice XLR interconnects too, along with all the stuff that came with it.

Good communication, quick shipping (USPS took 8 days to deliver but not his fault). Showed up VERY well packed in bubble wrap, and just bad luck that a nut INSIDE the Sigma 11 that was holding the torroidal transformer in place came loose. So, it got shaken up like a marimba by USPS. ID provided pics of what wires connect to where, and after few tries I got it working, and another couple of tries got all the hum to go away.

It was well worth the effort - the Sigma 11 PSU DOES make an audible improvement in the weight, impact, smoothness and depth of the sound coming from this DAC.

Highly recommended seller!
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bought some IEMs and they came very nicely packed and as described. Would buy from again.
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I bought Shure E500 headphones from Iron Dreamer. Very good truncation. Thanks a lot!
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Bought some AT head pads from Peter. Smooth transaction. Would gladly do business with him again.
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