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Peter helped me out with getting HD25's from US.
Went out of his way to try and find them. I thank him for that

Great person, true head-fier and tries to help people whenever possible

Recommended always
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Quick and decisive, Peter was interested in my Zu Mobius for sale, we met up a couple of days later, and the cable was sold. Fast and easy, it was a great transaction and I'd be more than happy to deal with him again. Thanks man, hope you enjoy the 650s a bit more.
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This helpful and nice guy shipped some equipment to Germany that I was unable to get overseas directly. Thank you for that. Don't hesitate to ask me if you need some help getting equipment from Germany.
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I purchased I_D's Grado RS-1's. Very quick shipping. Thanks.
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I sold a pair of Beyer DT-770 headphones to Peter.
Very easy transaction, friendly and decisive, and a pleasure to speak with.
I would gladly deal with him again.
Hope you are enjoying the 'phones.
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Bought a set of Grado flat pads from Peter. Great communication and quick shipping. Highly recommended!

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Deja Vu, I bought another pair of DT770/80's from Peter, what are the odds! All went well of course
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Purchased some Senn's HD650 from Peter and all went well. Very polite and nice to deal with as well as very accomodating. Excellent communication. I would definately buy from him again.
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Purchased a 2.0 meter zu mobius from Iron_Dreamer. Had a small mix up concerning payment type, but it was no big deal as In the end it worked out for the both of us. Would glady do buisness with again. Great guy.
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Iron Dreamer purchased a RME sound card from me. Easy transaction, quick payment - a pleasure to do business with. Thanks!
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Iron Dreamer modded my e-mu 0404 in a very fast and profesional way.He even went out of his way to have it shipped to me the way i prefered and for that i am grateful.

Iron dreamer is definetly a assset to the head-fi community.
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Iron_Dreamer sold me his Chaintech AV710, he PM'ed me once he saw my WTB thread, offered to flash the card back to the normal drivers, did so and posted quickly, I accidentally got muddled up thinking I had bought the card from Trevor_Network at one stage too hahah!

Wonderful guy to deal with, Thanks Iron_Dreamer.
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Iron_Dreamer bought some CD's from me. Prompt payment and good communication make dealing with him a pleasure.
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Peter installed Blackgate caps on my AV710 soundcard. Did an excellent job and was able to mod it and ship it out on the same day. Great job.
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i was looking to buy a T amp and Iron Dreamer was kind enough to supply me with one. Excellent service and communication. Thanks.
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