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okay thanks,


i'll buy the cable then, im always a sucker for gold plated cables. smily_headphones1.gif


for the tube pre out, if i want to burn it in, could i possibly just keep the DAC on while the speakers are on low? that way i won't have to listen to the quality. or is it not possible?

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cssarrow, would you like to take some internal photos for your D2 wink.gif 

Intersted the layout board of TE7022L and AD1955 :) 

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sure, but the top screws are those octogon/pentagon shaped hole screws so i'll have to do it tomorrow.


I believe it's going to end up looking like the XiangSheng DAC-02A internally. Seems as though they copy one another or something.

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Hey, I recently bought a TubeMagic D1 after reading lots here on head-fi (I tend to lurk and read, not post).


I was wondering whether I can connect the pre-amp outputs via phono - 1/8" jack converter cable to my Jamo i300's line-in without damaging any of the components.


Any ideas would be much appreciated (I hope this was the right place to post).

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That will work fine.  I have a set of speakers hooked up like that too.

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Ok I excitedly took your word for it and set it up - it worked alright yesterday, but I've got up today and I get a horrible crackling noise through the speakers, regardless of volume, whenever I turn the tube magic on. It worked so well yesterday - what is going on?

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I could be a loose connection.  Double check that everything's plugged in securely and play with the cable while its on and see if the sound changes.


Besides that just confirm that each link in the chain works on its own until you find the one that doesn't.

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Why aren't there any pictures of the D2's insides anywhere?  I can't even find information on which tube(s) it uses.

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Originally Posted by MasZakrY View Post

I can't even find information on which tube(s) it uses.

Come on. It is stated on their official website.


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I've had the D1 for about six months now, and I'm awfully tired of the clicking/popping when switching songs/movies/etc. I've searched this thread and found that quite a few of you are experiencing the same issue. Is there any fix at all? I'm not really an audiophile, and $200 was a big investment for me to put up with quality this shoddy.


- Using USB, the pop is moderate in volume and almost entirely (if not entirely) in the left channel. It also only occurs maybe 30-50% of the time I switch files in foobar, VLC, etc.


- Using coaxial from my onboard S/PDIF, the noise is a bit quieter and sounds more like a short period of static than a discrete pop. It can be heard in both channels, and occurs the vast majority of the time I switch files.


I do not own an optical cable, so have not tried that yet.


I'm running Win 7 x64, default driver for USB, and have the output universally locked at 16/44.1 through the control panel for S/PDIF. So, it's hard for me to imagine that the clicking is because of changing sample rates, as some have suggested.


Also of interest: I made some silent WAV files, put them in foobar, and started hitting "Next" repeatedly. There were very few pops then, whereas switching from a loud rock song seems much more likely to produce a noise. This makes me wonder whether it could be a problem with the digital-analog conversion itself, rather than sample rate?


EDIT: Just to clarify, the clicking is in the audio itself, not mechanical noise from the DAC. I just hooked it up to my standalone DVD player for the first time, and switching tracks on a CD playing through that revealed the mechanical click that some of you have mentioned, which is a completely separate issue.

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I've had the D1 since the start and I've also had this issue for awhile. Its been about a year sitting in storage until I decided to bring it out today to try and fix the problem. I recorded the issues and posted it via YouTube so you can hear and see what I'm talking about.


There is a "ticking" coming from around the source switch area as well as a harsh distortion when I select any source via solid state or tube preamp.


Any help or insight to what the problem is would be much appreciated.







After turning it off and on, now no sound comes in any preamp, any source, anything I try. 

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A quick note to those interested in the D2 (& its insides), I have added a post to the existing D2-specific thread:


 Oh, and no clicking problems with this one so far...

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Originally Posted by TheGrumpyOldMan View Post

A quick note to those interested in the D2 (& it's insides), I have added a post to the existing D2-specific thread:


 Oh, and no clicking problems with this one so far...

Tank you sir!

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Hi every one.

I'd like to build a simple audio system for listening music with headphones, as in december I made the "big jump" and bought a pair of AKG K240 MKII after years of more or less cheap stuff.

The plan is to use a netbook like the old Asus eeePC 900 or a more recent Samsung N510 with Winamp (my player of choise) or foobar2000, both with the right plugins; this with mp3 and my whole cd collection ripped to flac with EAC, stored in a USB drive. Instead of a netbook I could also use my iPad1, bypassing its DAC with a proper lineout cable. I also have a little vinyl collection and Sanyo Plus Q25 turntable with the classic analog red&white outputs. Then I have a Playstation2 and a Xbox360, both with toslink digital outputs. I have to say that lately I'm enjoying my cds with the PS2 hooked to an old Creative Soundblaster Extigy with digital cable, sure better than my old crappy portable cd player via lineout...

Said that my budget is around 200€, a user on this forum suggested

Fiio E11, Fiio L cable, Fiio D3 or D5 DAC.

Use the Fiio L cable for the iPad and the Fiio D3 or D5 with the PC.

Getting infos about Fiio I discovered the E17 as an all-in-one solution, but lurking the forum I found also the Tube Magic D1, which costs more looks like perfect for my needs (I don't mind portability that much).

Can anyone make some kind of comparison to help me making a decision? Thanks for any help. 

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Hi there !


I am interested in buying a Maverick Audio DAC. 

I would like to connect it with an usb connection to a NAS Synology to stream music (with ds audio). Does anyone ever try to do that ? Does it works ?

Thanks in advance for you answer

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