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Originally Posted by supracrazy_tommy View Post
Ok, so I went to the closest guitar center to try out those dt770s that people were talking about that had good bass. I didn't get the chance to hear them that long, but from what I heard, I didn't hear any bass out of them. How come everyone says they have incredible bass? I wish they had denons there but sadly they don't. They only have the Denon DJ HP1000, but I don't know anything about those. Anyone know if those would be any good for my preference ?
Are you sure they were the DT770Pro/80 ohm? I've been listening to them without amp and they're pretty bassy.
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Originally Posted by applaudio View Post
I think that if a headphone extends all the way to 110kHz, then there's a pretty good chance that it doesn't have trouble reproducing the highest audible frequencies (as a general rule, that means up to 20kHz, usually lower, but depending on the person, maybe slightly higher), so one would expect the treble response to be very audible and sharp... hence the bright sound. Similarly, if a headphone extends all the way down to 3Hz, it would be no surprise to find that it does an excellent job of reproducing the very lowest tones you can hear. When they engineer a headphone in such a way that it has incredible extension either high or low, chances are it's going to sound slanted toward the high or low frequencies, respectively. A pair of headphones isn't going to sound bright just because it is physically capable of reproducing frequencies that lie far beyond the range audible to humans, and thus, far beyond the range present in any recording you might feed to the headphones anyway. But it might sound bright if it extends very high, very cleanly, without the treble roll-off that almost always occurs even in ultra high-end headphones.

My two cents.
In the case of Grado headphone, when a bunch of 'similar sounding' models are all rated 20-20 and the 'bassier' Grado is rated 18-24 surely one would say thats because it extends lower than the others. In the case of the Sony XB series XB700 is the deepest of the bunch and coincidentally is 3Hz, the XB500 is 4Hz and the XB300 5Hz; they all seem to represent there own low frequency range.

On another note they made a rotary sub woofer which is reportedly 1Hz, if we can't hear below 20Hz that wouldn't explain the need for a 1Hz sub woofer nor explain why it is the deepest sounding 'speaker' to date.
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Yeah they are pretty inaccurate from my experience. I listened to them at BestBuy and meh... too much bass that isn't controlled, odd sounding coloration to them, and small to non existent soundstage.

They tend to emphasize the lower spectrum of the frequencies. I'd say they are pretty good for most Rap, but not all of it.

If you want a more accurate phones in the price range, go for the DT770. It's more accurate, detailed, and far batter bass though somewhat lacking in mids (250Ohm/600Ohm).
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i think the best place to try out lots of different 9although mainstream) headphones is at an apple store. i tried the regents street apple store, with my lossless infused iphone, and just tried out what they had on offer. the headphones will all have been on most of the time, so burning in shouldn't be a problem, and if it's quiet, you can try an open pair of headphones, too.

they had a fair selection of cans to try out, though none of the premium sennheiser ones (only the noise cancelling models and such)
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