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What about a focus SVT My stepdad has one, I cant remember the year 03-05. Its got a short throw shifter, All wheel brembo discs, aftermarket supercharger and pulley kit, recarro 4-point harness seats, aftermarket exhaust, 74lb fuel injectors, aftermarket MAS, etc... Can't remember how many PSI hes running but its got a ton of torque and hp. Sinks you in the seat and you cant even bend forward in the seat when the cars accelerating.
Well Top Gear liked that car when they reviewed it, so it can't be that bad. Honestly, the whole "ricer" and associated modification thing has never appealed to me because it reminds me of the idiots who live around me in New Jersey who feel the need to take perfectly good Civics like mine and mod the heck out of them to extract that extra 10-15 HP, as if it's going to make a real difference besides the difference in their wallets. My mom's 2001 Honda Odyssey (a minivan) with its V6, could easily kick the @$$ of half the modified Civics on the road today.

I'm not sure why, but I have an affection for Mustangs (except the ugly, horrible ones made from the 80's up until recently). Most of them are terrible cars with horrible American reliability that could never possibly compete with any real sports car like a Corvette in any kind of race, but I just personally think cars like the one I posted above look and sound just extremely good...and the one thing they do have going for them is raw size and power that leaves absolutely nothing to question in terms of their ability to outrun the vast majority of cars on the road, especially ones with $5,000 in modifications and annoying, farty mufflers. Gah!
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i'll buy my first car in a month or two. what's do you guys recommend? price is less than 10k. i dont like 2 doors (insurance rate, small), i dont like small car like prius, fit, rabbit,.. I'm looking at nissan altima, maxima, camry 2006, civic 2006, mitsubishi lancer, hyundai sonata 2006. Any thoughts? thanks
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Maxima, or the Altima 3.5SE w/ the engine from the Maxima. Civics are pretty small and Camrys hold their value too well to be a great buy used
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Nothing flash for me

My stepdad on the other hand......

before that it was a land rover sport (awful car), BMW X5 (not much better, nice to drive though) and a BMW 528d (miss that one)
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2 weeks ago i got a 2010 s65 and i am that jerk that drives 30 in the 65 lol. if you know about me and animals it's because i don't want to risk hitting an animal.

btw, right now they will knock 10's of thousands off a car like that. so i am pretty happy.

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yes it has a 993 engine in the back.

honestly cars dont give me a 'high' anymore. i was in a crazy supercharged vette z06 a few months ago - my sunglasses flew off my head when my friend gave it some gas it on an that's awesome . i got to ride the new Vmax last month and that put a bigger smile on my face. you can get so much more performance per dollar on 2 wheels, it's addicting.
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Originally Posted by oakleyguy89 View Post
Heres some pics of my car
I remember when I first test-drove an NX2000... black. Blew my mind. That was one of the best-handling FWD cars I've *ever* driven. Simply well balanced, and that limited slip diff really worked wonders. I remember it being well reviewed in the magazines at the time for handling performance.

I'm a BMW guy and have 2 3-series: a 328i E36 (heavily modified) and a 335i E90.
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Originally Posted by jh4db536 View Post
yes it has a 993 engine in the back.
Porsche 914 and Honda RC51? Great pair of black toys indeed.
I agree with you that you get so much more performance per $$ on 2 wheels. Acceleration wise few 4-wheels can match, regardless how much money you put in.
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tuberoller had 2(i think) crazy vettes. a zo6 built and a lingenfelter. too bad he is no longer with us.

i have a turbo and nitrous hayabusa! 900hp motorcycle! i cant even open it untill 4th. gear. so really 0-60 is moot. if you knew how old i am you would laugh yer but off but i aint sayin'

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What happened to tuberoller?
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he "went on to pursue other endeavors" he was a pretty cool guy around here.

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Originally Posted by pedalhead View Post
Well, petalhead is probably a good name for my wife . Anyway, the MR2 is lowered with TTE springs & handles really flat. It's an absolute blast through the twisty stuff, with predictable oversteer when you want it. I've had it for 4 years, since new, and it's going next month. I'll really miss her, but she's so impractical & I have two kids now, so the Alfa makes a lot more sense. If I had the money I'd keep her, bolt on a turbo & keep her for track days.
Who makes the hard top for the MR-S? I miss my first gen MR2 and really wanted the newest one but wanted a hard top. Anyone looking to buy a Mazda 3?
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My avatar 2006 touring model 350z. Lots of bolt on mods, hopefully FI within a year or so.
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today, saw two (2) Ford GTs, one parked, one rolling past it ;-) that sight beat the assorted Bentleys and Ferraris infesting the scene (by the beach, of course).
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Nice 350Z, personally I like its overall looks over the 370Z.
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