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Originally Posted by MD1032 View Post
If I ever get a car that glows underneath like that, you all have my permission to take away my driver's license.

I drive a '98 Civic DX that is unfortunately neither fast nor furious. It's not too bad, but it's only a glimpse of my last car, my '97 Civic LX. That car was in perfect shape, it had all the bells and whistles, ran amazing, then I was driving one day in Christiansburg and it was totaled (by a woman, of course) in a situation I had no control over. It was a sad day because I knew I would never have that car back. The only replacement manual transmission Civic we could find in our area was a '98 Civic DX that was sitting in a guy's yard. As a result, it has some severe sun damage on the roof and the underside's pretty rusted. It runs well, but I really miss having a trunk light, power windows, a button to unlock all of the doors, and many other normal features.

The best feature of these cars is the mileage. My record is 42.6 MPG on the highway. Considering the car's cost ($3700), I believe this is one of the best value used cars on the market in terms of cost to maintain, gas consumption, and initial cost. My only recommendation would be to get the LX and make sure it's in good condition.

If I could have any regular sedan today, I'd probably choose one of the newer Fords or a European car, not a Honda, because man, these new Civics suck compared to the old ones! My grampa's SEL Ford Focus is one of the best manual transmission cars I've ever driven. It runs extremely smooth, has excellent low-end torque, and just absolutely shifts like a dream, plus it's got every bell and whistle you can possibly imagine.

If I could have any sports car today, I'd likely choose the 2010 Shelby Mustang, believe it or not. I think they're really sweet, look and sound awesome, really, I think Dodge, Ford, and Chevrolet all did an excellent job remaking the Challenger, Mustang, and Camaros of old... I like the old muscle cars myself.
What about a focus SVT My stepdad has one, I cant remember the year 03-05. Its got a short throw shifter, All wheel brembo discs, aftermarket supercharger and pulley kit, recarro 4-point harness seats, aftermarket exhaust, 74lb fuel injectors, aftermarket MAS, etc... Can't remember how many PSI hes running but its got a ton of torque and hp. Sinks you in the seat and you cant even bend forward in the seat when the cars accelerating.
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My daily beater:

My canyon beater:
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Bet those get you around those Afghan (Afghanistan) roads...
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ha..... I wish
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Originally Posted by bizkit View Post
My daily beater:

My canyon beater:
Wow nice. My cars are scared of your cars.
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Just picked it up today, I've been wanting one of these for over 10 years.

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Originally Posted by jfindon View Post
Just picked it up today, I've been wanting one of these for over 10 years.
Love RX-7's but quick get a book on how to rebuild them so that way you don't need to pay out your ass every 60k miles.
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Rx7's costs more to maintain than my GTR...damnnnnn hope you have a reserve budget saved up somewhere.
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Originally Posted by jfindon View Post
Just picked it up today, I've been wanting one of these for over 10 years.
Really nice looking RX-7. Congratulations!
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I share my daily driver with my mom; a '07 Suzuki APV.
I'm getting either a used '05-'06 Toyota Yaris or a brand new Kawasaki Ninja 250, hopefully soon

past rides: '89 Benz 300E, '96 Benz C180, '92 BMW 318i, '84 Benz 280E, '07 Honda CBR150R
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[Stupid forum double-post]
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Apologies for the obnoxious F&F angle! My parents got me this when I transferred to my state university which is tuition-free. However, it's not as nice as it looks in this picture anymore. It was in a mild hail storm over the summer and, well, I'm not impressed with Hondas' body ding resistance. It's still a super-reliable and fun to drive car though!

Does anyone know if there are good options to get out a whole bunch of hailstone dings?
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2007 Honda Fit, number #886 off the line for North America. (Honda Jazz in the rest of the world)
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My father drives a Range Rover Supercharged. He used to drive an E63, before that a G55 AMG, BMW M5, and a couple of Porsches. He's looking at a 2010 Turbo.
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