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Ah i love that MGB, I would really like to get my hands on one of those classics as my next car. But I need a house with a garage first :P
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Miata. NA - Original series '89-'97 THE best. Simplicity. 5 speed manual. Imagine....no cruise control, power windows or power locks. Yes it has A/C (never use) but not by my choice. Bot it used.
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Sweet Z miguel
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E39; I still dig my angel eyes
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Originally Posted by gevorg View Post
Nice drives indeed. On my WTB list...
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Originally Posted by leftnose View Post
How do you like the 370, Miguel? I've got one on my possibilities list but I am reading some not so favorable long term reviews on transmission/clutch durability and NVH.

I'm oddly shaped (6'3" with a 30" inseam so all of my height is above the waist--6'7" wingspan) and the 370 is one of the two cars in that class that I fit in (Mustang is the other). Even though I like the looks of the 370 better and it handles better, I think a Mustang might be in my future because of what I've read about the Nissan but I'd like to hear what you have to say.

Hi Richard, I really like the 370Z. Not as fast as my 04 Vette but fast enough (plus in base form about $13,000 cheaper). Sadly my car has less than 2,100 miles so no issues so far, I suggest you read up on: Nissan 370Z Forum

I am a member there w/ the same user-name. Cheers and good luck.
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Originally Posted by chesebert View Post
E39; I still dig my angel eyes
I like the E39 wagons. The sedans are nice too but I'm a sucked for a Bimmer wagon.
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2009 328i
only cause bmw is doing good deals during the recession
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Nice MGB there, CrazyRay. I've had a couple of MGs, a 1972 Midget (round wheel arches, lovely thing), and a 1976 MGB GT. Neither in as good condition as yours though! Ironically, the British weather means that many of the better examples are elsewhere in the world.

These days, I've got one of these...

...and I just picked up my new baby last week....

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Very cool looking car, the license plate on the front totally ruins it for me though :P
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Yeah it's a pity our UK plates have to be on both back & front, and are so huge :-(. Btw this is the limited edition Alfa 159, from the latest Bond film. The baddies are driving them (or similar ones at least) at the start of the film. I think they get crashed a bit!
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My wheels...
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I drive an orange 06 JEEP TJ sport...it's still on the original rubber, but once they need to be replaced the JEEP goes up and the tires get bigger!
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1991 Nissan R32 GT-R
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